Popular Summer Activities in Manila

So much fun is left undiscovered in Manila! The hustle and bustle of the city is situated in the midst of natural wonders of rural countryside. Fly to Manila this summer for an ergetic trip outside Hong Kong! Be blown away by the endless opportunities to venture out of your comfort zone! Here’s a list of top 5 popular activities you cannot pass on during your summer vacation in Manila:

1. ATV Adventures Rizal

Do you want to experience an off-road fun ride accompanied by breathtaking views? For those with adventurous spirit, an ATV expedition in rural Philippines is unbeatable. ATV Adventures Rizal provides the vehicle and all the essential safety equipment for an extraordinary journey through lush green forests. Rizal is only 2 hours of driving from Manila, with remarkable landscapes and scenery. ATV is short for All-Terrain Vehicle that allows you to drive in a challenging geographical environment. During the tour, you will drive on muddy trails, in a forest, and even in rivers! A total immersion in Mother Nature! Don’t worry if you are new to ATV rides because guides there will teach you the basics of operating an ATV. In fact, it’s very easy to control. Depending on your trail, the tour will take up to 6 hours and costs between PHP 2500 – 6500.

2. Masungi Georeserve

Also located in Rizal is Masungi Georeserve, a geopark that conserves rocks, flora, and fauna in the area. You may have seen some stunning photos of the park on social media before. Prepare to move on ropes with Tarzan-like wildness! Visitors are challenged to cross ropes obstacles, nets and bridges. Adventure-seekers will spend three to four hours there, admiring the landscape while engaging in adrenaline-fueled climbing. There will be many Insta-worthy photo opportunities as you discover different attractions within the park. Remember to bring a camera along! The Sapot, a spider web-like hammock held mid-air overlooking Laguna de Bay, is your first spot in the journey. And the adventure does not go downhill from there! You will venture into caves, climb hanging bridges, and wander in beautiful landscapes with spiked limestone formations. Tickets cost around PHP 1500 – 1800 per person. The price already includes the rental of safety equipment and a guide.

3. Subic Inflatable Island

Located three hours away from Manila, Subic Inflatable Island is the biggest compared to its counterparts in Asia. This bouncy playground attracts families and young thrill-seekers. After much sweating, guests can relax under the sun at the lounge along the shore, catching their breath and taking a sip of freshly-made fruit shakes. There are a lot of sections in the park where you are free to jump and hop around. You will have a blast on the inflatable rolling barrels. Promise! This inflatable playground will easily make you spend a day here. Although you might be tempted to go in beachwear, it is recommended to wear long sleeved clothes to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight. Tickets vary from PHP 699-1399 per person, depending on ticket types including a tour-hour pass, a half-day pass and a full=day pass. Don’t go on weekends if you wish to avoid the crowd!

4. San Rafael River Adventure (Bulacan)

San Rafael is located in Bulacan, about two hours from Manila. San Rafael River Adventure is a resort with a wide variety of outdoor activities. Glamping, ride on ATVs, kayaking, river cruise, paddle-boarding, jet-skiing, horseback-riding, you name it. If you are a nature lover, you will be in awe of the well-preserved canopies and foliage. You will greet animals such as monkeys, birds, fowls, and civets as well. A prime time to embrace Mother Nature! The resort is divided into two types, the Glass Cottage and Glass Villa. If you want a more laid-back retreat, the resort also has a glamping site. The tents are set up along the riverside. Perfect for a romantic outing! The never-ending list of adventurous activities here can easily keep you occupied for days. If you are looking for a rural retreat but cannot stand boredom, this is the place to be! You will never be bored or go hungry here. The resort offers rich meals for guests, many of whom are exhausted after a fun-filled day! Although the food choice is limited, you will never go hangry with their top-notch quality. You can check out the prices for a wide range of packages on their official website.

5. Nuvali’s Republ1c Wakepark

Only an hour from Manila, Republ1c Wakepark offers a world-class wakeboard experience close to the capital. A must-go for wakeboard enthusiasts! If you are new to this water sport, this is also the ideal place to try it out. Wakeboarding is basically riding on wakeboard while being towed by a motorboat. Challenge yourself not to fall into the water! It is hard to keep the balance on the waves. The park is open from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. You can either buy a Day Ride Pass or a Night Ride Pass. Of course, if you are a true enthusiast, you will opt for

the Day and Night Pass! Prices vary from PHP 250 to PHP 1750 depending the duration and types of the pass you purchase. For first-timers and beginners, it’s recommended to join the Beginners’ Course during daytime. Instructors will guide you along the way. For advanced wakeboarding, you will be relocated to a more challenging venue, where seasoned riders will be able to show off their skillful tricks and movies. There is also a swimming pool and playground here, for those who are not into wakeboarding but tag along. The sunset view here is stunning! Don’t forget to snap a picture before you go!

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