3 places to celebrate your anniversary

An anniversary is a special milestone in any relationship. Interestingly enough, anniversaries can be marked for virtually anything:

  • The first time you spoke to each other.
  • The first declaration of love.
  • Wedding date and
  • Engagement too.

It is a magical journey to take with a loved one. There is the period of courtship or engagement which is the precursor to an enchanted wedding. During the engagement, of course, you will be sporting your diamond engagement ring which is a constant reminder of the wedding to come. Once the wedding is over, you settle down to a life of perfect togetherness. Every year, you also get to choose and dwell on places to celebrate your anniversary.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for ideas.

Secluded getaway

Regardless of which country you dwell in, there are places that are known for their isolation; in a good way. Tucked away in a forest somewhere or maybe even on a remote island – a small, romantic cottage awaits you and your spouse. These getaways are a great idea when you want to put some distance between you and your everyday sources of stress and invest in high-quality time with your partner.

Do be sure to check out the location completely before you make your reservations. It should be a combination of being well–connected and at the same time remaining peaceful and away from the madding crowd. Of course, you should also be comfortable with this kind of seclusion and if you do crave some more activity, then you can always step into the closest area of civilization.

Romantic dinners

Time-tested, fail-safe and super-delightful – a romantic dinner for two is the best way to mark an anniversary. This also gives you the option of setting the atmosphere by:

  • Getting the chef to add a ring or some other gift to your spouse’s favorite dish or the dinner plate!
  • Music that you both love or maybe danced to at your wedding.
  • Hiring a limousine to take you there and bring you back and so on.

The combination of food, music and venue makes for many a romantic memory. And truly, you cannot go wrong here because everything is being taken care of by professionals. Put together your favorite bottle of wine with this scenario and it will become a memorable anniversary indeed.

Exotic holidays

Get on a plane and go somewhere. Somewhere you have never been before. Let every minute of this getaway be an exotic and unfamiliar adventure. Countries like India, Italy, Ireland and so many more offer a huge selection of locales that are breathtaking and memorable in more ways than one.

Of course, you can always choose places according to shared interests too. Whether you want to go on a spiritual journey or a culinary exploration or even a place that allows you to indulge in adventure tourism – there are plenty of places to go to.  Within each destination there is sure to be dining, cultural and other activities and sites that you can take in too.