A Guide To Festivals In Calgary, Canada

The folks in Calgary, Canada are probably one of the most festive people that one can know of given the countless number of festivals held there all year round. Some of those festivals are held annually, while others take place occasionally. However, whether it is annual or an occasional event, you can be sure that when you go on a trip to Canada and visit Calgary it will be loads of fun.


Music Festivals

Music festivals are some of the most common events in Calgary, Canada, held in various months of the year. The Calgary Reggae Festival, for one, is where you’ll find some of the best reggae music performers from Calgary, Canada and even from other countries. Held sometime in August, there are DJs and musician who play sweet reggae music for three days or more. Another popular music festival is the Calgary International Blues Festival held between July and August. The festival offers non-stop blues music performances which hosted some famous blues musicians Johnny Winter and Sonny Rhodes to name a few. Another annual music festival in Calgary is the Calgary Folk Music Festival which has been celebrated for over 30 years now, and is where you’ll find indie icons and other performers performing live folk music performances.


Cultural Festivals

Calgary also celebrates the various folks from around the world who has made Calgary their homes. There are various festivals that honour the culture and tradition of these people, as well as celebrations for the coming together of all these people from diverse backgrounds. There is the GlobalFest (August) which celebrates the different ethnicities and communities that contribute to the population of Calgary, an event which is culminated by fireworks displays competition, with contestants from countries, like Japan, France, and more. There are other festivals which are more dedicated to certain groups of people, like the Chinatown Street Festival and the Expo Latino Festival, both of which are held in August as well. But don’t be mislead, because everyone regardless of colour or race is more than welcome to participate in the celebrations.


Movie and Stage Festivals

Movies and theatre are pretty popular in Calgary, and they show their love for the industry by celebrating films and stage festivals in different months of the year. The most popular one has got to be the Calgary International Film Festival in September, a ten days events which showcases some of the best films in Calgary, Canada and all around the world. You may even get invited to the galas and ceremonies if you’re lucky. If you’re looking for some good laugh, then the YY Comedy Festival in September is for you. Here you’ll find Calgary and Canada’s top comedians crunching out one line after another which will surely make you laugh until you cry.

So whether you’re looking for a jamming musical event, movie festival or cultural celebration be sure to head on to Calgary. This is one place in Canada is sure to make your travels and vacation overflowing with fun.