A Scenic River From Each Continent

There are many spectacular rivers  that flow through the different continents in this world of ours, and a whole host of scenic views to take in that surround them. So wherever you’d like to visit this year, consider some of these magnificent rivers that you could go down and delve into some exhilarating activities, or take a cruise along. Here’s some of the rivers that would be worth a visit.

Africa- River Nile

Ancient Egyptian lives were sustained by this north flowing river, as it was the only source of moisture provided to the parched harvest that received hardly any water from the rain. The river was not only a life source to those Egyptians, but it also leaves anyone energized who visits it to this day. Feel invigorated by bursts of sun shine from the breathtaking sunsets, but that’s not all to be seen on this river.  The royal burial ground for pharaohs named the Valley of the Kings, this is something to behold on the banks of the Nile. The Karnak Temple is also a sight to take in on the east bank of the Nile river, consisting of carefully constructed and crafted statues and Egyptian carvings, as well as chapels, pylons and other buildings, this establishment is one to visit.


Asia- Yangtze River

How about going down by the third longest river in the world? From futuristic architecture to lofty mountainous views, the Yangtze River in China is one that you can only see to believe. Considered to many as the dividing line between north and south China, this 4000 mile long river can reflect different climates, economics and cultures. One of the ways to take in the sites along this river is to enjoy a luxury river cruise. Departing from one of the many large cities in China such as Ho Chi Minh City, the cruise offers spectacular cuisines, a selection of entertainment on board a long with 5 star service, whilst giving you the opportunity to absorb the wonders along the Yangtze in your own private cabin.

South America- Amazon River

The Amazon is a river that you might not want to dip your feet in in some areas, considering it’s home to many meat eating piranha fish, yet you’ll be tempted to dive into it in other areas to swim with the dolphins. Amongst the many villages surrounding the river, there’s plenty of views of wildlife on offer. Observe monkeys joyously swinging from tree branches, tropical birds and red squirrels feeding on nuts and much more.

Oceania- Murray River

Situated on the shores of the Murray, the largest river in Australia offers plenty of exciting and entertaining activities to add to the bucket list. From exhilarating sports like kayaking and canoeing to more laid back ones like fishing for cod, trout, golden perch and many more, Murray River has it all.  There are also a selection of world class vineyards situated beside the river that allows the opportunity for your taste buds to savour some very good wine.

Europe- Danube river

Located in central and eastern Europe the River Danube flows through more countries than any other river in the world. Also known as  ‘The River of Kings’  this route has been journeyed by rulers since ancient times and comprises of historic sites along it. On the other hand, experience the contrast of the green nature surrounding the rushing blue rivers. Many enjoy a stroll by the river in Belgrade or Zemun, which also boasts of a wide variety of cafes and restaurants near by to indulge in.