Inspirational Holiday Destinations for Aspiring Travel Photographers

If you want to be a travel photographer, visit the places that will be mentioned below. These destinations will provide you with the opportunity to shoot interesting subjects, including rugged landscapes and rich culture. For sure, your photos will be an effective tool of communication, highlighting the beauty and story of the place.


There are plenty of beautiful places in Greece, but if there is one place that is popular for travel photography, it would be Santorini. Part of Cyclades islands, it has a mountainside village with white houses and domed roofs, which make for wonderful pictures. Many people choose to have their weddings here because of the beautiful scenery. In Mykonos, you can also enjoy great architecture. Athens is another excellent place that you should visit to practice your photography. Here, some of the most common attractions include the Parthenon and Ancient Agora. Crete, which is the largest island in the country, will also be a majestic photography subject.


This exotic destination is one of the most interesting subjects for travel photography. Among others, the Sahara Desert is one of the favorites. You can take a desert tour and enjoy photographing amazing sunsets and camels. The capital of the country, Marrakech, is known for its traditional markets, including those that are selling spices and textiles. It also makes a good place to shoot candid photos, which will perfectly capture the lives of the locals. Chefchaouen, which is known for its blue-washed houses, is another perfect place to practice your skills in photography.


If you are looking for something exotic, Iran is one country that should be part of your bucket list. One of the best subjects is sunset over at Esfahan, which will surely look majestic in your photos. There is also an endless selection of mosques, which will offer the perfect subject for still life photography. Because it is a country that is unknown to many people, it is also a good opportunity to photograph the locals going about their daily business.

South Africa

From its rugged mountains to dramatic coastlines, a holiday to South Africa is magical in more ways than one, making it an excellent destination for those who dream to excel in travel photography. Boulders Beach, which is known for its penguins, is one of the places where you might want to shoot. Hike Table Mountain, and from here, you can have a good view of the city from the top. For the best of nature, Augrabies Falls is a good subject of choice. For wildlife, on the other hand, go to Golden Gate Highlands National Park and Camdeboo National Park.


With lush forest and beautiful islands, Croatia is a dreamy place that also makes a good choice for aspiring travel photographers. The Dalmatian Coast is one of the favorite subjects even for professionals. With more than 1,000 islands in the Mediterranean, you will not run out of ideas on how to depict the country as a tropical paradise. It also has historic buildings and ancient ruins, which will make interesting locations for your photo shoot.