No Less Photogenic: Great Travel Destinations That Won’t Break the Bank

Many potential dream vacations transform into nightmares once basic expenditures are factored in. Even if expensive activities are avoidable, everyone on the trip has to eat. That alone can destroy the budget halfway across the world from home.

Fortunately, several of the most amazing locations in the world are surprisingly budget-friendly if you know a few tricks such as how to consolidate your student debts prior to traveling. But what are some of the most affordable destinations for serious adventurers?

Asian Adventures Await

Shanghai’s excitement, pre-planned or impromptu deals for accommodations, and cheap but satisfying street food appeal to city dwellers. Head south to Vietnam and Thailand for pristine waterways, charming countrysides, unspoiled beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine at affordable prices. Opt to stay in a hostel or backpack and camp under the stars for an unforgettable adventure. Cambodia’s low tourism costs and delectable delicacies have lifted it to the top of the list for thrift seekers and luxury lovers alike. And India’s cost of living is so low that it’s relatively easy to have your dream vacation for around 1,500 rupees per day (£15 or less than $20 USD).

Africa Roars with Excitement

Although Egypt is a transcontinental country, it’s most often considered part of Africa. It’s also one of the most popular vacation or holiday destinations in the world. While the ancient attractions aren’t free, budget-friendly food and accommodations can offset the cost of entertainment and leave tourists feeling regal and refreshed for far less than they expect.

Head down to southern Africa for a budget-friendly safari experience of a lifetime. See the majestic white rhino in its natural habitat, enjoy some impressive hiking, and be sure to visit Cape Town for stunning scenery and exciting nightlife. The Gambia is a must see for beach lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Swing over to the River Gambia National Park to interact with recovering and rehabilitated primates in their natural habitat and bask in some of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ll ever see.

Exquisite European Delights

Hop over to Portugal for an exciting yet surprisingly affordable alternative to a trendy Spain vacation. Alentejo welcomes the beach crowd without the resort prices, and Lisbon is perfect for nightlife seekers and shopping enthusiasts. Bulgaria appeals to travelers looking for a more intimate and secluded vacation. From deserted beaches to cobblestone towns and mountain ranges, foot or bike exploration ensures an affordable adventure for all.

While Greece’s more popular locations tend to be expensive, excursions to the less bustling islands like Skiathos or Paros are still economical alternatives complete with 28-degree Celsius temperatures, crystal blue water, and cheap adult beverages. Prague is also surprisingly affordable. A hearty meal complete with local beer costs just a handful of Czech Crowns. And since the local beauty and many of the city’s historic landmarks are free to visit, a leisurely walk will supply enough pictures and bragging rights to leave colleagues and loved ones drooling back home.

South, Central, and Stateside

Bolivia’s stunning sights and natural beauty provide a much needed softer side to its rough reputation. And a three-day tour of some of the country’s most remarkable landmarks only runs around £100 ($150 USD). White sand beaches, turquoise water, Spanish architecture and historical influences, and super cheap and delicious food can be found right in Honduras. In fact, for from as low as £25 ($31 USD), it’s easy to wonder why anyone overpays in the Caribbean anymore.

Head north to Oaxaca to experience true Mexican culture and amazing, affordable street food or cool off from the sweltering heat in aquamarine cenotes. Northern still, world-class beignets, nonstop music, amazing architecture, and some of the friendliest people in America make New Orleans seem like it should be an expensive destination. But it’s not hard to get your fill of the city’s unique culture for around the price of a beer or coffee.

Your dream vacation of a lifetime may begin with a killer deal on airfare, but it doesn’t have to end with the need to secure a second mortgage. Consider budget accommodations, hostels, or even camping under the stars. Pack lightly and opt for foot travel and unusual or less populated destinations when possible. And try to clear up as much life stress prior to your trip.