The Coastal Paradise that Is the Bahamas


The Bahamas are one of the world’s most beautiful chain of islands. Each of the islands has its own unique characteristics, and each one is more beautiful than the next. Bahamas yacht charters are hugely popular, because the enable visitors to see all the different islands, and to complete lots of different activities. With a yacht charter, you can view the most beautiful, clear water beaches, various ports, fishing villages, and small towns. It is impossible to get bored on the Bahamas, since there is so much to do. You can dive, snorkel, swim, lie on the beach, enjoy the night life, eat out, and so much more!

Of course, as a Caribbean chain of islands, the Bahamas is particularly popular for those who enjoy watersports, and who enjoy vibrant yet relaxed nightlife. There are cafes, pubs, clubs, and bars to enjoy. At the same time, however, you can seek solitude here as well, particularly if you have chartered a yacht. You could spend time aboard your yacht, or you could visit some of the virgin beaches on the deserted islands. So what are some of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas you could consider yachting to?

Some of the Most Beautiful Locations in the Bahamas

  1. The Exumas Islands, which are natural cays and harbors surrounded by crystal clear, Caribbean blue waters. The beaches are truly picturesque, and highly secluded as well. Lots of activities are available, such as relaxing, diving, wind surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and more.
  2. Nassau, which is a vibrant and alive island, where you will instantly be infected with the high energy vibe. The markets are full of color, it is a shopper’s paradise, the architecture is amazing, and the beaches are fantastic. You may spend your first days in a hotel in Nassau and afterwards think about moving around to the other islands, it’s totally worth it.
  3. Paradise Island, which is exactly as the name suggests. The Atlantis Resort, with its beautiful casino, artificial lagoon, various restaurants, and private beaches is not to be missed. Do also visit the Marina Village for shopping and to view the beautiful, candy color architecture.
  4. Shroud Cay, which is a truly unique experience. There are a number of small cays to be found here, and creeks join each of these together. Each of the cays is surrounded by various waterways. You can actually only really explore Shroud Cay if you have a yacht or boat.
  5. Wardrick Wells, which is the perfect spot to go to if you love nature. The island is crisscrossed by various hiking trails, allowing you to enjoy the native flora and fauna. There are also perfectly clear waters here, where you can snorkel to your delight.

These are just five the islands in the Bahamas you could consider if you have chartered a yacht, and there are hundreds more. In fact, the Bahamas is one of the few Caribbean regions where you can still go off the beaten track, and where there are opportunities for tourists who want to party and sunbathe, but equally for those who want to experience culture and nature.