The Most Glamorous Casinos in the World

For a long time, people have associated the most luxurious casinos in the world with Las Vegas. This is not surprising, with the shining metropolis that is the city gleaming out of the middle of the Mojave Desert 24 hours a day, and still home to some of the finest places to play in the world. But high-end gambling is definitely not limited to Las Vegas, and there are many other casinos with glamour to spare, located all over the globe. Check this list, and pay a visit to one of the marvellous hotel/casinos if there is any way you can!

Play at the Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino, in Mendoza, Argentina

The Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino carries all of the games and features one would expect from a high-level establishment like this one, but one that stands is Punto Banco. Practice with the mobile slots Canada has to offer before you set off and you’ll feel confident when you explore this Spanish Colonial building while you rack up the wins!

Spend Some Time at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

The magnificent Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is rapidly becoming one of Singapore’s most recognisable, iconic structures, thanks to its extraordinary design and crazy construction costs. This palace of pleasure has more than 2 000 slots games for you to try your luck playing, 500 table games, and many other high-end features and enjoyable entertainment options. 

Make a Little Extra Money in Macao

Macao has gained a reputation as the Asian Las Vegas since the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel opened in 2007. Similar in structure to its counterpart in Las Vegas, Macao has added a cultural twist, helping the venue stand out from the other Venetian hotels.

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel offers you 500 table games, 2 000 slots machines titles, and an array of entertainment choices besides. You can spend some time kitting yourself out in the high-end shopping mall, grab a bite to eat in one of the world-class restaurants it boasts, or treat yourself at one of the luxury boutiques that are peppered around this awesome hotel and casino. This is just one of the many attractions of Asia, but for gamblers, it is the best.

Immerse Yourself in the Fun at Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino

Ibiza may be better-known for its beaches and wild party scene, but there is more to do in this top holiday destination than just get drunk on the beach! Enjoy a second wind when evening falls on the Spanish city, and take in the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino. It overlooks the marina and the Old Town, a truly spectacular setting, and the hotel provides a very romantic background for those who choose to spend a night or two there. If you want to try your luck on the gambling scene, the casino facility at the hotel has a grand set up, and you will be able to enjoy both table games and slots fun. The Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino has also been hosting Texas Hold’em tournaments lately, which has gone a long way to attract poker fans and players alike.