The Most Secluded Paradise Islands in the Caribbean


All of the Caribbean Sea and the islands in it are beautiful, but due to their popularity, they also happen to be very crowded these days, especially during the peak vacation season. Does that mean you can’t find a secluded paradise in the Caribbean anymore? As it turns out, that’s not quite the case because there are certain jaw-droopingly beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea that have not yet been commercialized to the same degree as Jamaica or the Dominican Republic.

Salt Cay, Turks Islands

If you are looking for seclusion, how does a total population of 60 people sound to you? This thinly populated tiny island has none of the modern amenities that you are probably used to mind you, but as far as finding blissful seclusion amidst the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is concerned, Salt Cay delivers and then some. Attractions on the island include deep sea diving, snorkeling, whale-watching, and even some treasure hunting.

Carriacou, Grenada

Located in a remote location in-between Grenada in the south and the Lesser Antilles in the North, they call Carriacou the Land of Reefs. The scenes one can see on this island are nothing short of astounding and would likely put the more commercialized islands to shame. Head over to Caribbeans Best to know more about the coral reefs, the shallow waters, and multiple local festivities in Carriacou that are nothing short of mesmerizing for the onlooker.

Barbuda, Antigua, and Barbuda

Just as the name suggests, Barbuda is half the country itself, although, geographically, Antigua is many times bigger and more developed than Barbuda. However, that’s good news for the traveler who is looking to find some blissful solitude among the pink and white beaches. Thankfully, most of the crowd will stay at Antigua and the other bigger islands nearby.

Out Islands, The Bahamas

The Out Islands do justice to their name by being particularly difficult to reach, especially for bigger ships. If you do manage to get there (which in itself is an adventure), visit Cat Island and Long Island before all else. Seclusion is guaranteed on these islands and if you are feeling like going on an adventure, go see the 660-feet deep Dean’s Blue Hole near Long Island that bores right down into the ocean bed.

Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

The resort on this private island consists of only 15 stone cottages and that’s about it in terms of real estate there! Granted, it’s not for those who don’t have particularly deep pockets, but if you can afford it, having 30-acres of your own beach and jungle to enjoy with your friends and family in any manner that you please is a different experience altogether.

Not all of these islands are properly developed yet, and that’s exactly why they are so lucrative in their seclusion. Things are not going to stay like that forever though and that is why it is recommended that the next time you plan on a Caribbean vacation, try and visit these locations before the more popular tourist spots there, provided you are looking for some actual peace and quiet.