Things That Make You Want to Visit Dubai Again

Dubai is an astounding megacity with all the glitz and glam of the modern day culture globally. The city has successfully evolved itself from a deserted land into a beautiful modern architectural marvel. The city started to develop soon after the discovery of oil in the Middle East. Dubai is also known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is a constantly growing, megacity. It is one of the best and most popular tourist destinations amongst the people from across the world. Dubai is famous for the beautiful desert and a crystal clear warm ocean. The city is also famous for some of the best masterpieces of architecture like the Burj Khalifa, JBR, the Dubai mall, etc. another tourist attraction is the luxury yachts in Dubai. It is known to be the yachting capital of the Middle East. Go for the yacht charter Dubai to have a feel of luxury.

The amazing luxury yachts are simply stunning. The yacht ride generally starts from the gorgeous marina. The Dubai marina is an astounding harbor which is surrounded by breathtaking skyscrapers. The ride will take you to the beautiful sea through the canals. The yacht ride is a unique experience as the views are simply spectacular. They will serve you with delectable food, chilled drinks, and juices on board. These yachts can even be booked for a number of activities like birthday parties, reunions, fishing trips, etc. the yachts are very well equipped with latest technology gadgets. They include sonar, GPS, fish detecting devices, etc. the yacht ride is the best way to explore the warm waters of Dubai.

Dubai is home to a wonderful desert with its unique features. The Dubai desert safari is an extraordinary way to explore the beauty of the desert. The desert has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and sports. The safari will begin from a ride to the desert in a 4X4 SUV. There will be fun-filled activities. These activities include dune bashing, camel riding, sand surfing, quad biking and many others. There will be tasty mouth watering food, chilled drinks, and juices for you. You can enjoy your dinner sitting next to a bonfire. There will be entertainers performing for you and you can enjoy along with smoking some hookah. You can also see a spectacular sunset in the middle of the desert. Click some amazing pictures and cherish them for a lifelong.

You can get up close to the culture and traditional side of Dubai by taking a dhow cruise ride. A dhow cruise Dubai is a wooden vessel that was traditionally used for carrying goods from place to place. Nowadays it’s used as a floating restaurant. The cruise ride by and large starts from the marina. The spectacular views of the marina are simply breathtaking. The tall buildings standing proudly with beautiful lights are a feast for the eyes. You will be served with delectable food, chilled drinks and a variety of juices on the cruise. There will be entertainment activities like dance and magic show. The experience of having a dinner on the dhow with your loved ones is simply amazing and one of a kind.

Dubai is a famous fishing destination for many people from across the globe. There are many things that make it a unique experience. Dubai has some of the best yachts which are perfectly designed for the fishing purpose with luxury. The experience of deep sea fishing in Dubai is also a unique affair.  The yachts are well equipped with modern fish detecting gadgets, sonar, GPS, etc. you will be given a tasty mouth watering snack time to time on your fishing trip. There will be chilled drinks and variety of juices for you. You can even enjoy the catch on the onboard barbecue and feast your eyes with the breathtaking sparkling warm waters.

There is a small village at a distance of a few hours of a cruise ride from Dubai. The village is a called Musandam and should be visited once at least. The Musandam tour packages generally include a dhow cruise ride to the Musandam village. On your trip, you will be served with delicious food, chilled soft drinks, and juices.  The village has am a small traditional market that sells everything from carpets to spices, etc. enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, etc. the village is surrounded by beautiful fjords and crystal clear water. This is a worth trying trip when you are in Dubai and will definitely make you visit again.