Top Coastal Destinations for You to Visit in 2017

What better way to spend your vacations than by the sea, hearing the waves crashing again the rocks, taking long walks across beautiful beaches and spending your evenings sipping on something cold and watching the sun drop behind the ocean horizon. If this sounds as appealing to you as it does to us then we have put together a list of beautiful coastal destinations around the World where you should consider heading to for your vacation this year.

Each of these locations has been hand picked by us for their coastal appeal, their tranquility and for how much pleasure you are going to have spending a week away from the daily grind.

Cornwall, England

You may not be able to guarantee searing temperatures or a warm sea in the south of England, although they are possibilities, but what you can guarantee is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the World. Cornwall’s coast in filled with little fishing towns, and bustling villages along with stunning beaches, lengthy walking and cycle treks and more importantly, absolute tranquility. If you aren’t too bothered about the sun tan and want to experience some beautiful coastal landscape, then Cornwall could be the place for you.

Outerbanks, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Outerbanks is a long, 200km stretch of land that juts out from the mainland into the Atlantic Ocean and makes for a stunning and fully relaxing vacation where you will be bathed in sunshine and surrounded by the sea. There is little to do in this corner of the World other than relax, swim, eat, drink and be merry and companies like Elan Vacations have several stunning vacation rentals on the peninsula which will afford you the comfort of doing exactly that. This area of the United States doesn’t get nearly the level of attention which it deserves and as such, tourism here is relatively low which means that you can spend your week in tranquility, without being disturbed.

Perth, Australia

If you are looking for a coastal getaway that is a little bit more lively then why not head down to the southeastern Australian city, Perth. Western Australia’s capital sits right at the point where the vast Swan River meets the coast and you can spend your days here either relaxing on some of the many, stunning suburban beaches, or enjoying the city life.

Western Cape, South Africa

Vacations to Africa usually revolve around the opportunity to see incredible wildlife in their own habitat but the Western Cape of South Africa should not be discounted when it comes to the perfect coastal trips. The coast here offers tourists a rocky and exciting landscape that has a backdrop of mountains and small, virgin beaches hidden away in the jagged coastline. Much of the accommodation sits up on the clifftops and offers stunning vistas of the ocean and more importantly, the swollen sunset every night. This is the perfect place to either relax or take to the water for an adventure, the surf is great and there is lots of sporting activities to take part in, if you are looking to go somewhere different this year then head on down to South Africa.