When in Rome, Do As The Roamers do. Here’s how to Roam Well in Italy

Located in the southern part of Europe, Italy is a country that is not to be overlooked. With its infamous cuisines and iconic buildings, along with a range of magnificent attractions and resorts, this destination has activities to grant any travellers wishes. Also known as a romantic city where love can be kindled, a scenic country where you won’t grow bored of the views, it meets the longings of all. You’ll never run out of things to do when visiting, there’s loads of options to choose from. But how can you make the most of a visit to Italy? Here’s a list of some of the must do’s when planning your trip?

Behold the buildings

There’s a wide range of buildings and museums that can be seen in Italy, it may be difficult to have the opportunity to visit all of them on one trip. Be wise with the places you decide on, make sure they meet your desires, and that your not leaving feeling you missed out the ones that you’d really like to see.

Some outstanding buildings to choose from are the Vatican Museum. Enjoy an educated tour of these pope established buildings. They’re huge monuments so you’ll need enough time to take in the grand designs with the beautiful carvings, collections from all eras and art from around the world.

The Colosseum is also another spectacular structure. It’s an amphitheater that will leave you marvelling at the grand scale of something built in AD 72 from only sand and concrete. There are many other options to choose from when it comes to architecture: Galleria degli Uffizi, Roman Forum, Duomo, The Leaning Tower and many more. So think wisely, don’t try to take on too much site seeing.


Make time for relaxation, let your toes sink in some golden beaches, soak in the sea or a hotel side pool, do what ever it takes to enjoy this beautiful country luxuriously. Wether Rome or Milan, Venice or Florence whatever city you choose there’s a place where you can wind down, enjoy some relaxation time and let the stresses of life fade into oblivion. Try not to miss out on some of the more unprecedented areas in Italy: try Veneto, Asota or stay in a hotel in Puglia. Whether you go for the popular and populated or less crowded areas, there’s plenty of options on offer for some lounging time.


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and one thing they like to do is drink wine. With a selection of wine on offer that’s cheaper than soft drinks, it won’t be costly to enjoy this luxury. Italy is world famous for its wines and will be a haven for any wine lovers, with vineyard tours in Tuscany and Piedmont, it’s something that has to be indulged in.


You can’t stop at the wine though, the cuisines on offer in this destination are also a must have. It may not match the usual stereotypes held when it comes to Italian food, a lot of pasta dishes are usually not immersed in sauce but never the less the flavours are tremendous. There’s the option of choosing from some of your favourites  and some of the most famous Italian dishes: pizza, lasagne, risotto and a whole range of other delicacies that may not be as familiar and well known.