4 Amazing casinos in Europe that will make your jaw drop

Casinos are the very best in the game when it comes to first impressions. From the stunning architecture and lavish decor to the carefully selected sounds and scents of the gaming floor – they’ve got it down to a science. 

Look around any major resort and you’ll be stunned with each carefully tailored aspect of every room. Marvel at the bars and restaurants, gaming rooms, groomed gardens and exquisite water features. It’s not difficult to feel like a movie star and be transported into an alternative world of late nights, fast cars and big money. 

Of course, there’s the fabulous Las Vegas, with The Strip extending as far as the eye can see with glitz, glamour, and showbiz around every corner. The infamous region of Macao also comes with plenty of casinos from which to choose. And of course, Atlantic City, with more places to gamble than there are local residents. 

There is one region that will make your jaw drop like no other: the amazing casinos Europe has to offer. From Monte-Carlo to Como, London to Lisbon, here is a huge trip that will fulfill any gaming-enthusiast’s dreams. Let’s take a look at our top 4 that you absolutely must visit on and around the continent.

Let’s take a look at our top 4 that you absolute must visit in and around the continent.

1. Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monaco, France

Number 1 on our list and in our hearts, it’s absolutely no surprise that Casino de Monte-Carlo is in the lead of must-visit casinos, which according to Weekly Slots News Magazine is the best casino to visit in your lifetime!. 

The casino has to be among the most stunning and highly visited casinos in Europe, in part due to the huge James Bond association. It’s no secret that films such as Never Say Never Again, Goldeneye and, of course, Casino Royale have heavily boosted the profile of this French gambling paradise. 

Not only is the casino one of the most famous, but it is also one of the oldest-with roots dating back to 1863. It’s more valuable asset has to be its purpose in serving the citizens of Monaco. Although Monaco’s citizens are prohibited from playing, they likely are quite pleased with the tax contribution the casino provides. Instead of residents paying income tax, the region uses profits from its famous casino to keep everything in the kingdom up and running. 

If you’ve ever wondered why there is so much wealth in the small region in the South of France, you’ll now see a possible reason why. There is a huge range of games, just as you would expect from a casino of such high calibre, from roulette (great guide here on how to play) and stud poker to blackjack and craps. Just make sure you’re adhering to the strict dress-code if you’re planning a visit. 

2. Casino di Campione – Como, Italy 

Next on our list is the single largest casino in all of Europe – Casino di Campione. With an incredible 590,000 square feet, boasting 3 bars and restaurants and a total of 556 slots and table games – the casino isn’t exactly short on space. 

Settled on the banks of Lake Lugano, in an enclave within the boundaries of Switzerland, everything about the building is quintessentially Italian. Established in 1917, the attraction is spread over an enormous nine floors (not counting the extra 3 for parking). 

All has not been fair sailing for the casino.  From its original purpose of sensitive information extraction from foreign diplomats in the first World War to recent scandals of prostitution rings involving certain sons of royalty and issues with potential closure – this casino has seen it all. 

Even so, it’s worth paying a visit to this casino if you’re in the area (or from the other side of the globe), you won’t regret it.  

3. The Casino at the Empire – London, UK

Heading across the Channel to our British cousins for our next destination is The Casino at the Empire in London. Standing strong with 55,000 square feet and boasting 4 bars and restaurants, The Casino is in very capable hands with Caesars Entertainment at the helm. 

The casino gets its name from the old Victorian music hall in which it is burrowed, but it’s not a recent addition to the London nightlife scene. The doors have been open since 1884, forming the perfect getaway for residents and tourists alike, especially with its prime West End location in Leicester Square. 

There is no shortage of games to play, with everything you could ever want all under the same roof. If poker is your game, you’re in luck with one of the most renowned rooms in the UK, complete with cash games, poker packages, and tournaments all listed within the schedule. 

A very fun place to visit when in London.

4. Casino Estoril – Lisbon, Portugal 

Last but not least is perhaps the most majestic casino on the list. It might come as a surprise to many because of the general lack of gambling found in Portuguese territory. Even so, Casino Estoril is a predicted hotspot for the very near future. 

The Lisbon-based casino, founded in 1916, is decidedly old school. It has a rich history as a secret meeting point for World War one spies. 

The casino sticks to its old school ways with its opening hours. Although many casinos have moved to the 24-hour system expected of gaming institutes, Casino Estoril sticks to the 3PM to 3AM Sunday to Thursday and 4PM to 4AM on Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays. It may be inconvenient to some, but it’s good to know when enough is enough, even if you’re not quite convinced. 

There are plenty of games available to play during your 12-hour stints from roulette and blackjack to baccarat and stud poker. There are also over 200 slot machines, a huge poker room with plenty of scheduled games and varied rules. 

Take a dip at one of the ten bars and restaurants, and you’ll be overwhelmed with plenty of relaxation for a break away from the tables. There are some high profile restaurants, too, if you’ve got expensive taste. 

This is by far one of the best places for dining in the region. Don’t have the time or means to visit these casinos? No worries. You can always do the second best thing – find a place to play online and enjoy the casino experience. Check out sites like OCG which curate casino bonuses and deal all over the world.