Cartier- The best watch a man can own!

You run into a classic gentleman’s picture, the first thought that pops up with disappointment is, “They don’t make men like that anymore.” The gentlemen of today are nowhere close to their fathers.  Elaborate clothes, big wigs, sideburns, cigars, jewellery etc. no longer sing the tale of personality, tastes, status, and wealth. Current fashion is all about minimalism. So, how does a gentleman encapsulate everything his ancestors did so elaborately to make a mark now? Well, whatever your answer is, a wristwatch can’t be off the radar.

Luxury watches are the best bet to discreetly show the world who you are. Like a good handbag, these can say all about the owner. And, this is well understood by Cartier. Cartier watches for men are legendary, therefore, in their own right. Still wonder why every man has dreamt of owning one of these timeless timepieces?

Let’s have a look at their magnificent collections:

Cartier Tank

Created by Louis Cartier in 1917, the first tank was presented as a gift to General John Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force. Its powerful lines and sharp features honour the indestructible army vehicles. The collection offers several variations such as the Anglaise, Francaise, Americaine, Solo, Louis Cartier, and MC.

Similar to the proportions of the tough war-machine, the Tank collection has cases available in both rectangle and square shapes. The cabochon crown and sword shaped hour and minute hands set in a classic dial with Roman numerals further accentuate the case and add a vintage touch to the entire ensemble. The distinctively patterned bracelet is the highlight of this collection. Rectangular links combined with vertical sidebars speak glories of rugged construction of the tank’s tracks used during war.

Ronde Solo de Cartier

Louis-Francois Cartier established Cartier in 1847 as a simple jewellery workshop in Paris, which has since grown into one of the premier watch making brands in the world. The Ronde Solo de Cartier to celebrate the Ronde collection with its minimalistic designs incorporating subdued elements of glamour and classic aesthetics. An amalgamation of traditional and contemporary elements is evident in all watches from this line, adding a dimension of intrigue to them.

Cartier Tortue

The collection launched in 1912, is often termed as the game changer. The tortoise inspired case became a hit in terms of design among its typically round-shaped contemporaries. This collection comprises of edgy designs yet encapsulates all the signature qualities of a Cartier. The characteristic feature of this collection is the tonneau-shaped case available in pink or white gold, which is inspired from a tortoise shell. The strap is offered in textile or leather and is meant to supplement the quiet sophistication of the case.

Cartier Calibre De Cartier Collection

The relatively New Calibre collection is evident of the technical prowess of Cartier. Featuring Cartier’s in-house movement, the 1904 MC, watches from this collection have served to unanimously increase the standing the brand has in the eyes of watch collectors and aficionados. Marking the transition of Cartier from a predominantly ornamental brand to one capable of high-tech marvels, the Calibre de Cartier is a beautiful gamut of watches, incorporating three versions- the traditional Calibre, the Calibre Diver, and the Calibre Chronograph.

The Cartier Santos De Cartier Collection

No one could guess that request by renowned aviator and friend, Alberto Santos Dumont, Louis Cartier would design one of the first ever men’s wrist watches. When Alberto Dumont told how bothersome it was to glance at a pocket watch while flying, Cartier ensured him and designed a wristwatch unlike any other of its time. From then on, Alberto Santos Dumont wore his watch every time he took flight.
It was the men’s wrist watch with a square bezel, leather strap and a small buckle. At first, Cartier had only used precious metals and leather as the straps for the watches, but in 1978, he delivered a relatively lower-priced steel/gold watch, preceded by an all-steel watch. The plate bezel affixed with tiny screws became a lasting feature of the Santos de Cartier range of watches. The Cartier Santos watches are also water-resistant up to thirty metres.

With the most amazing gamut available, one will certainly feel a little confused. See, which Cartier suits your personality the best and wear the timepiece that makes you feel timeless.