Enjoy wonderful child friendly holidays in South West France

What does a child need for a great holiday? Adventure, great food, lots of places to roam and seemingly endless freedom. Can a child get all that in a holiday with grown-ups? Especially in a county like France, with its love for wine and cheese and all those things? While South West France is known for its wines, it offers a lot to a child as well.

Baby friendly accommodation in South West France is what you need and most of the bed and breakfasts in the area and the hotels have swimming pools and all sorts of activities for kids and are baby friendly. Whether it’s cycling or rock climbing, children will have a field day here. It’s perfect for long days of exploring with friends. It’s a short trip to the Atlantic Coast, another treasure world of activity. And the Pyrenees, for a whole bunch of other action packed days that include snowboarding, surfing and skiing. There are various festivals of music and merriment. Come around December and you’ll see Christmas being celebrated in a way like nowhere else. A magical wonderland awaits the young one.

Here are a few other things that help children and grown-ups enjoy holidays in this gorgeous part of France.

  1. Agre Forest

If you’re looking at a great day outdoors, get to the heart of the Agre forest and indulge in some adventure in well thought out courses. As difficulty levels increase, so does adventure. Kids can have fun on monkey bridges, Tarzan creepers and suspended bridges, run around in the forest and find adventures of their own. Safety measures are in place, as is training and there are experienced people to help you out and keep an eye on things and the kids.

  1. City of Space

When you get to Toulouse, take the children to the City of Space, now in its 20th year. This is a fascinating place, a veritable city with a host of tours all designed to help a child appreciate and understand the wonders of space. From a real spacecraft to exploring the wonders of weather and cosmos, this City is a welcome home for children. There are enough picnic areas and restaurants when the kids need some rest and refreshment. Once done, head back to the world of exploration.

  1. Riding

A short trip from Toulouse awaits paintball, inflatable castles, and hiking, dirt bike riding and quad driving too. Safety is key here and children are protected with helmets and other safety measures. Help your child explore his/her wild side, and that too in a safe manner.

  1. Hot air ballooning

If you want to create a lifelong memory, take your child up a hot air balloon. This is great for the whole family to bond and explore the countryside in unimaginable ways. Fun, adventure, joy and exploration, all await the travellers on this journey through the South West region of France.

Make sure you put your faith in groups that have years of experience, strong safety measures and trained personnel handling the events and the children. Have a lovely holiday!