Forget The Chocolate – Jersey Island Is the Jersey You Need This Summer!


The Channel Islands of the UK are particularly beautiful locations for holidays for not just families but also solo travellers or couples. With several islands to choose from and some impressive natural wonders to explore, coupled with good weather much of the year means that this region of the UK continues to be a popular destination for both residents of the UK and other areas of the world alike. Read ahead to learn more about the largest and most popular of the Channel Islands – Jersey – and why people keep coming here time and again!


With dozens of spectacular beaches, bays and harbours to choose from on your holiday, Jersey is easily the best island to head to for a little rest and relaxation. Book a relaxing holiday to Jersey come see for yourself. Beaches such as Anne Port and Archirondel Beach are prime locations for visitors to kick back on the sand and enjoy the scenery or a swim in the clear waters that crash along the shoreline here. For those who like a bit more action, check out Bonne Nuit Harbour – a beautiful spot that requires a short hike down a hill to reach. The view of the harbour from the top is spectacular and well worth a look, even if you don’t take the walk down to the bottom for a coffee and cake at the small beach front cafe.

Spas and Relaxation

There’s no better way to ensure full and unbridled relaxation than to spend some time at a world class spa, many of which are found within hotel grounds on the island of Jersey. Fantastic offerings such as the Ayush Wellness Spa at the Hotel de France and the Fabriah Salon at Radisson Blu mean that you can book spa treatments or just enjoy a dip in their on site swimming pools during your stay. Some of the other ideal spas include L’Horizon Spa at L’Horizon Beach Hotel and Spa Sirene at the Royal Yacht Hotel. Each spa has their own menu of treatments, with some having signature experiences to really make your stay the best it can possibly be.


Jersey is a perfect place for visitors looking to not only kick back and relax but also those who like to get out and get active. Not only are there ample opportunities to hit the waves and water through swimming, boating, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, waterskiing and boating. Fishing is another fantastic activity that is available across much of the island through tours at marinas or through private fishermen. Golfing is popular for those who enjoy the sport and hiking and walking is also a huge draw for many who like to explore the outdoors while getting some exercise. There are a number of great trails to explore, making this a great island for families and those who have varying degrees of physical fitness and ability.

So there you have a few reasons why Jersey is a great spot for a vacation, regardless of whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or more. It’s one of the most popular channel islands of the UK for many people, so pack your bags and book your ticket to the island. You won’t regret it.