Here’s Where to Go on a Greek Island Escape

If you are thinking of the best destination for island exploration, Greece is one of the countries that should be on the top of your list. Choosing which one to visit, however, can be a challenging task. With this, keep on reading and we’ll help you to decide which one should be next in your bucket list.



The list of the best islands in Greece will be incomplete without a mention of Mykonos. Aside from being a good choice for a culinary feast, it is also popular for people who are looking for a vibrant nightlife. The Paranga Beach is one of the must-sees, which is known for its crystal-clear water. Mykonos town, which has white-walled houses, will offer a leisurely stroll in relaxed afternoons. Little Venice, which hangs by a cliff, is another part of the town that will be memorable. If you want to party, one of the unrivalled destinations is Paradise Club, which attracts people until sunrise.


Legends and miracles are some of the things that will make this a mysterious choice for your next holiday in Greece. It is full of intriguing stories that will make you curious and will increase your want to have it explored. When it comes to beaches, two of the options that should be on your list are Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos. Antisamos Beach will also leave you speechless. If you want something that is unique, on the other hand, you will appreciate the red beach of Xi, which is unlike anything that you have previously seen. For the best of nightlife, Argostoli should be visited. Compared to other islands, however, nightlife here is a bit more relaxed. It’s also home to some beautiful modern Greek villas, perfect for a family break.



This is perhaps the most popular from all the Greek islands. While Crete is famed for its beaches, it offers a wide selection of activities that you can enjoy beyond its pristine water and fine sand as well as beautiful accommodation. One of the most popular attractions is Arkadi Monastery, which is regarded as one of the most historically valuable monasteries in the island. You should also take time to explore the town of Ayios Nikolaos, which is popular for its twin harbours. Chania is an equally beautiful destination, especially its Victorian harbour. If you want to see ancient ruins, on the other hand, visit Gortina.


Although not as popular as the islands that have been previously mentioned, this will also make a great pick for the best Greek islands to explore. It is not as crowded as the others and will be a good pick if you love art. One of the most popular attractions here is the Castle of Molyvos, which is one of the most romantic spots to view sunset in the island. When it comes to beaches, on the other hand, Skala Eresou can prove to be promising, which is known for being amongst the cleanest beaches in the area. Religious attractions are also popular in Lesbos, so expect to see a lot of beautiful churches.