How to avoid tourist traps in London

Are looking to visit London for your next holiday? Well, that’s great! London is an extremely cultured city that is full of art, history and entertainment. Whilst you may have to put up with a little bit of rain when you’re in the city, it is a place is full of diversity, which is why it makes it a capital that is worth visiting. However, one of the main adversities that you may face is that you could get pulled into a tourist trap. These sort of venues and historical landmarks can’t really be avoided if you go around the centre of London. But, honestly, the number of tourists that end up at these venues tend to make them genuinely unpleasant. Here are the top ways that you can avoid them whilst exploring London.

Check out the prices

A tourist trap is a bit like an overly priced escort. Unlike the Shoreditch escorts, the expensive escorts may look great on the outside, but then they’re not as much fun when they finally get down to business. One of the best ways that you can distinguish a tourist trap from the other cultural venues in London is its price. London may be expensive, but tourist traps tend to take ticket prices to a whole new level. Just take a look at the London Eye, Madame Tussauds or the Tower of London. The prices are extortionate!

If you think you are paying for more than the trip might be worth, you probably are and it’s not worth it. Instead, keep an eye out for some venues that might be free or relatively cheap to get into. These will be drawing fewer crowds to them.


If the venue tends to have a queue that stretches down the road, it’s not because of how good it actually is. It’s probably because it has a bit of a reputation and has drawn in tourists that want to experience it, like The London Dungeon or The Sherlock Holmes museum. People are waiting because the venue is at its full capacity. But honestly, that will make you want to see it even less considering that you will be crammed in with a bunch of tourists that leave you wanting for ages to take your photos!

Expensive Galleries

Some of the galleries in London cost about £15 to get in. That is a ton of money that you could be spending on meals and travel around the city. Whilst you may be a bit of a culture junkie, and long to see some of its famous paintings, it’s not worth paying such a heavy fee to get into one of the museums. Instead, don’t go for the tourist traps and go for free museums and galleries, such as the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, National Gallery, V&A, as well as the smaller ones, like The National Portrait Gallery, Guildhall Art Gallery and The Courtauld Gallery. These galleries will give you something to see for several hours and won’t have the heavy price tag attached to them.

Avoid staying central

One of the worst things that you can do when you go to London says central. Tourists are mostly drawn to the bigger areas of London like Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus and Covent Gardens. In central London not only are the prices going to be higher, but you will miss out on some of the most diverse sections of London. Instead of staying central, get an Oyster Card and use it to explore some of the lesser-known areas in London, such as Camden Town.

Stick to parks

There’s nothing sweeter than going out to a free venue. If the sun is shining and you feel the urge to make a picnic, why not go out to one of London’s gorgeous parks for some fresh air and time away from the crowds. Hyde Park, Victoria Park and Primrose Hill are some of the most beautiful parks in all of London. They’re large, full of natural beauty and some even offer free swimming areas (such as the Serpentine Lido and the Hampstead Heath Ponds) in April that you can relax in. Just keep in mind that they might be a little chilly. Remember to pack a towel when you go out there!

What are you going to see in London?

There’s nothing more fun than going to London to get a taste of the culture of the UK. Don’t let the rampant crowds and tourist traps slow you down. Instead, go for alternative options and do your research before you get to London. That way, your trip can be more enjoyable.

Good luck!