How to Feel like Home in a Sicilian Villa with Private Pools

Are you planning a family holiday in Sicily this summer? Awesome! It’s a fantastic place. To make everything perfect, there are a few things to consider: Finding accommodation that allows you to feel at home, in total comfort, especially concerning children. And what do babes like better than playing and diving in the pool? Villas in Sicily with private pools are the ones to look into. Read on, and we will give you some advice for a dream holiday in Sicily, for everyone, even for the little ones!

  • Sicily is a very welcoming land, that pampers you with good food, warm sunshine all year round. That typical southern hospitality makes you feel immediately at home. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Italy, a concentration of beauty and history, where you can lose yourself in its wonders. The bright colors, warmth, and contrast between the harshness of the mountains and the sinuosity of the coastal areas are some of the distinctive aspects of this region’scradle of architecture, art, and culture. If you want to spend a pleasant stay with your family on this beautiful island, the best thing would be to find the right balance between culture, sea, and comfort.
  • How to Choose a Family Friendly Accommodation: Hotel or Villa?

As we said before, to make sure that the trip succeeds to perfection, it is essential to organize every detail, to avoid that there are hiccups or unforeseen to ruin everything. If the children in the family are small, it is advisable to plan in detail to be upset by the crisis of crying during your holiday and ruin everything. Choose to spend your holidays in Sicily in a house, maybe a beautiful villa with a swimming pool could be the best solution for various reasons. Everyone can have their own space, and you can have a residence of higher quality for the same price that you would pay in a hotel of medium quality. Can you imagine the children diving and having fun in the pool?

And the possibility of being able to prepare any evening snacks of any kind, thanks to the convenient kitchen? It surely for the best.

  • Where to Rent Villas in Sicily?

One of the best places where you can stay in your villa by the sea is in Eastern Sicily. Of course, there are many possibilities, but considering the most beautiful places that are not too chaotic might be an added value.

In this area, we have the city of Ragusa which is an important Sicilian town in Baroque style that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with seven other municipalities in the area. It has ancient origins and its most historical area, the district of Ragusa Ibla, overlooks the rest of the city from the top of a hill. It is rich in landscapes and unforgettable views, and among the many monuments that crowd the center is certainly to mention the Cathedral of San Giorgio, mother church dedicated to the patron saint of the city, along with the cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of the largest on the island. This could be an excellent place for your villa, but if you prefer being closer to the sea there is Punta Secca: it is certainly one of the most beautiful places where you can rent a Sicilian villa with private pool near the sea because it has one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. It is characterized by a very picturesque landscape, almost wild, thanks to the presence of numerous rocks that form a shoal, hence the name, not far from the coast, along with the spectacle of golden sand and crystal clear and unspoiled sea.

Another great and family-friendly location is Marzamemi: It is a tiny village in the province of Syracuse with a spectacular square situated only 20 km of distance from the city of Noto, not far from Ragusa and the Baroque style and overlooking the Sicilian waters. The village has long been known for its economy on fishing and is known to own one of the most important tuna traps on the island. A small gem where the maritime trade is still extremely alive.

Now that you have a few suggestions on where to rent your villa, you can start booking your holiday with your most loved ones in the amazing Sicily!