How to plan your ultimate British road trip

On the face of things, it doesn’t sound very rock n’ roll. However, if you delve into the travel industry, road trips are becoming more popular. They allow the ultimate flexibility and can allow you to see more of a country on your terms.

As today’s title might have already suggested, today is going to hone in on British road trips. The conditions in the UK mean that you have to plan slightly differently if you are considering one of these, and through the remainder of this post we’ll take a look at just why this is the case.

London might not be an option

As we all know, London is the home of British tourism. However, for the purposes of a road trip, it might be something that you should look to avoid.

This is a destination that isn’t car friendly in the slightest, and the city will charge you for taking a vehicle there during most periods of the week.

Instead, take advantage of your road trip and explore the rest of the UK. The South West has some excellent locations, including Bristol, while if you venture further North, there are still plenty of tourist attractions that you can feast your eyes upon. In short, there’s more to life in the UK than London, and a road trip allows you to explore this.

Beware: the country can come to a complete standstill

As we all know, roadworks, accidents and all sorts of other things can wreak havoc in any trip – and that’s all over the world.

However, when it comes to the UK, the weather also has to be taken into account. During winter, it hasn’t been unheard of for the country’s roads to come to a complete standstill, and once-simple journeys to take an age to complete. If you are travelling at this time in the year, try and bear this in mind.

Some attractions are summer-only

Again, this next tip relates to the weather. As we all know, there are a wealth of excellent tourist attractions dotted all around Britain, but it’s worth mentioning that due to weather constraints some won’t be open all-year round.

If you are planning to specifically visit a region just due to one attraction, make sure you research it accordingly. Some might close from October right the way through to March, although naturally, this tends to cover those that are primarily based in the outdoors.

Never pay full price for an attraction

Of course, there is a caveat with this final piece of advice. As you roam around the UK and find various attractions to visit, don’t always be tempted to pay that initial, full advertised price. A lot of attractions can be bought at a discount, whether it is through the umpteen 2-4-1 offers that are flying around (cereal boxes often contain these), or even membership to a tourist organization. It’s for this reason that we would always advise travelling with some sort of schedule so that you can plan these discounts in advance.