It Takes Two to Tango on this sort of Travel – 5 Romantic Getaways in the UK

There are some beautiful places in the UK to spend time away with a loved one on a romantic getaway. When life gets crowded, and you and your partner are like ships passing in the night, a romantic getaway is something that can help you rekindle that love for one another, and to spend the quality time needed to benefit your relationship.

Whatever holiday would suit you and your beloved; whether you like chilling out in a luxurious resort and enjoying spa dates, or you prefer the activity packed holiday that meets all your adventurous cravings, you can decide on the holiday that is perfect for you both. Do yourselves a favour and enjoy a romantic getaway; it’s a treat you don’t want to miss out on. Here are some places in the UK to choose from.


This picturesque place presents a host of things that makes it a great destination for a romantic journey. With its deserted beaches, industrial history, creative flare, magnificent moorlands and much more, it’s a location that attracts many. Indulge in a Cornish pasty, or behold the botanical gardens Cornwall boasts of, pick whatever past-time you like.


Devon’s equally as tasteful of a tourist attraction as Cornwall, but with a slightly different edge. This tremendous county contains an array of sites from medieval landmarks to fossil cliffs. It’s a great city for two lovers to take romantic walks down the Tark trail, snuggle up in a cosy classic cottage, or be overwhelmed by the lavish landscapes that parade the lands of this location. It’s a classic county that is sought out by many a traveller for an entertaining getaway.


Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is a place where beauty is epitomised, a destination that should be visited by all couples out there. Edinburgh castle encapsulates this medieval town, its marked by a sensational selection of sites and will leave you spoilt for choice on the different attractions to visit during your trip. This old town is marked with a host of monuments that you can be dazzled by, and make magical memories with that special somebody.


It may strike you as the city known for is world renown sauce, but there’s much more to it than that.  Feel the comfort and closeness of your loved one on a countryside stay here in Worcestershire. The greenery is infectious and will push you to become one with nature. There is also the cathedral city that is a sacred construct; a marvellous site to behold.


This developed cosmopolitan, also known as a ‘manufacturing powerhouse’ takes city life to a whole new level. With building work that’s brilliant in its intricate design and canals that cross over from Sherborne Warf it offers a diverse amount of recreation. The night life in this city is vibrant and buzzing with people eager to socialise and party. In Birmingham whether you desire a cocktail or a cruise you can embark on whatever you choose.