Portuguese Wines – Favourites Of The Coast



Aside from France, one other region in Europe that is high on the wine producing list is Portugal. With a large swathe of wine regions thanks to its latitude and temperate climate, Portugal is ideal for vine growing and its varieties range in strength and bouquet, with a number of fantastic suggestions for pairings of delicious Portuguese cuisine that work perfectly together. Read ahead for more information on Portugal’s wines and for suggestions on what to pair them with then you visit the country on your next holiday abroad!

The North-Central

The north-central region is comprised of the wine regions of Dao, Vinho Verde, Tavora E Varosa and Porto E Douro. The Vinho Verde is one of the most popular wine regions of Portugal, with its deeply rich granite soil and cooler rainy weather making the perfect growing despite the difficulty of ripening the grapes. This has been fought by growing the vines low along the ground versus the traditional way of being grown up trees to make room for more crops as well. The sunlight helps the grapes ripen quicker, helping each small holding to get the relevant level of grapes needed for their own production. With so many regions of grape growing in the north of Portugal, it’s easy to see how this area continues to produce some of Portugal’s most excellent wines. Pair wines from here with the Caldo Verde soup – a simple kale soup that is ideal for an afternoon snack or starter.


The Central Wine region of Portugal includes the Bairrada area and the Beira Interior. Bairrada is ideal for sparkling wines as the soil here gives way to grapes which produce a higher acidic wine base, ideal for the sparkling wine variety. The clay limestone and sandy soils of the region are ideal for influencing the different varieties of wine. Baga grapes are the traditional red grape variety which can be handled in two different ways: ripe and unripe. The unripe grapes have higher acidity which is ideal for sparkling wines, but the ripe grapes provide a rich and dense fruity flavour which when aged provide a deeply delicious red wine that has a number of tasting notes. Indeed, the wines from this region can be complex and ideal for pairing with red meats and other proteins such as richer seafoods.

The South

The Algarve region of Portugal is one of the most favourite for wine production. The temperate climate and bright, sunny days means that the grapes are given the ideal conditions to create delicious crisp flavours and rich, velvety bouquets. The mountains to the north help the region retain its cooler, seaside temperatures meaning the grapes grow luscious and well throughout the area and provide the perfect base to create some of Portugal’s most favourite wines. Be sure to try a delicious wine from this varied region, perfectly paired with some of the area’s most stunning seafood dishes.

There you have a rundown of some of Portugal’s most favourite wine regions along with what makes their wine special to their region. Make sure you try some of this country’s great wines on your next trip to the region – you really won’t regret it.