The low-cost UK getaway: Does it exist?

It might no longer be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but let’s not get under any illusions here; travelling to the UK isn’t easy on the pocket. Particularly if you opt for a trip to London, the prices can get out of hand in a matter of days.

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way to put together a budget trip to the UK, and it generally doesn’t involve many sacrifices. Let’s now jump into some of the best ways you can cut costs with your trip.

It doesn’t have to revolve around London

We’re going to assume that most people are going to arrive in the UK via London, so it makes sense to spend some time here and sample some of the fantastic tourism that the city has to offer.

At the same time, you don’t have to spend your entire trip here. Hotels can be expensive, while the cost of living is naturally higher as well. Instead, consider alternatives. For example, hotels around Poole are of a much better value and allow you to sample the South of the UK in more detail than you would have ever considered.

Or, consider the opposite end of the country, with Newcastle, Liverpool and even various Scottish cities generally going down very well with tourists. It is here that you can sample traditional UK life – which is often forgotten about in the bubble of London.

Don’t pay the full price for attractions

It doesn’t matter whether you are in London or a completely different city – always resist the urge to pay the on-the-door prices for attractions.

While you may have to stump up the full cost for some attractions, in general, there are ways around this. These places commonly have 2-4-1 vouchers doing the rounds, while if museums are your thing, don’t forget that most are free of charge to enter.

Be shrewd with transport choices

The tube in London grabs the headlines – and that’s perfectly understandable. After all, this is one of the best city transport systems in the world, but whether or not it is always cost effective is certainly up for debate. Some studies have shown that it can be cheaper to walk between stations, rather than pay for a full price ticket. If you are in London, this is also an excellent way to see more of the city.

It’s not always about Oxford Street

We started today’s article about how avoiding London can sometimes be very helpful for your pocket, so let’s end on a similar note.

A lot of tourists are desperate to visit Oxford Street when they land in the UK, and this is hardly surprising when one considers its excellent reputation. However, if saving money is high on your agenda, turn to another city.

We’ve mentioned the likes of Poole and Scottish cities, but if you can branch even further out and look towards outlets. These are where the deals really can be had for shopping, and you can frequently pick up bargains that would have been unheard of on London high streets.