The Romantic’s Ultimate Guide To Italy

If you’re looking for a romantic break away then it doesn’t get more romantic than Italy, beautiful locations, amazing cuisine and rich culture. Italy’s reputation as a romantic destination has grown over the years and whilst there isn’t anything that sets the country apart from other European cities as being romantic, there just seems to be something in the air in Italy that lends itself to love. There are several destinations in Italy that make for a perfect weekend getaway with your loved one, maybe you’re the type of couple who like to relax in the countryside, wander city streets and learn about their history or spending your time drinking and eating your way through a weekend reminding each other how in love you are, whatever your take is on a romantic weekend is, Italy has it for you. Here is our guide to the top romantic spots in this beautiful country.



Venice is the home of romance, this city, built on water, is the ultimate place for couples, it is only behind Paris as the city with the most proposals each year and as such it, the city really plays up to its reputation as the World’s love capital. Wander with your partner through old mazy streets and take a sunset ride on one of the gondolas with a glass of Champagne whilst you take in a beautiful Venetian evening.

Lake Como

This Italian destination is where the World’s celebrities and A-listers often buy homes, this serene lake has lots of small and quaint towns and villages all around it, a perfect place to escape with your loved one. You can take a boat out on the lake and enjoy the scenery from the water or you could simply take a stroll around the edge of the lake. Lake Como gives you the feeling that the rest of the World doesn’t exist, quiet, relaxed and more importantly, almost silent, perfect for that romantic break.


If silent relaxation isn’t your idea of a weekend getaway then you should look at somewhere like Naples to spend your weekend, this busy city in the south of the country is one of Italy’s busiest and most traditional. Naples gives you many options for things to do, indulge yourself in the city and its traditional Italian cuisine, outdoor bars and museums or head to the ocean for some chill out time in the sun or go swimming. For those who want a little more action during their weekend, Naples is for you.


In Italian, Rome (Roma) spelled backwards is amor, it is no surprise then that this is one of the best places to enjoy a love filled weekend in Italy. Rome is drenched in history and culture both old and new, you can visit the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Spanish steps if you want to see the sites or you could pass your time simply strolling hand in hand around this gorgeous city that displays the very best that Italian culture has to offer.