The white coast is a favorite with tourists that love checking the Spanish waters


The White Coast or Costa Blanca is scattered over the Spanish province of Alicante. It primarily stretches along the Spanish coast in the east. You’ll reach Costa Calida as you move to the south of Torrevieja and you’ll find Costa del Azahar as you move in a northward direction from Denia.

The winter in Costa Brava is wetter and colder than that of the Costa Blanca lying in the south. In comparison, Costa del Sol has a warmer and more humid summer than in Costa Blanca. The temperature of Costa Blanca seems to be the best all the year round. Even the World Health Organization recognizes the climate of Costa Blanca to be one of the best in the world.

People visiting Costa Blanca during winter enjoy more or less the same number of sunny days as they would enjoy during the warm summer months.

Tourism is a famous industry in the Costa Blanca. There was a time when most of the coastal areas here used to be fishing villages. The area began to flourish as a tourist hotspot due to its great beaches and wonderful climate. While some of the towns here have developed and lost their old charm, the rest of them have succeeded in retaining their natural charm and can draw tourists.

The rocky coves and sandy beaches of Costa Blanca stretch for a distance of 100 km. Safe bathing and cleanliness have helped the beaches to unfurl the European Blue Flag.

The fact that many foreigners are now living here may signify the charms of this place. For most of its coastlines, Costa Blanca has a long range of beautiful mountains. The motorway A7 runs from the north and along the coast stretching up to the south.

If you’re visiting Costa Blanca from Northern Europe, then you may take a flight to the Alicante airport. A section of professional workers in England would actually commute to work from Spain due to the low cost of airlines services. A fine combination of the sandy and pebble beach with the coves and cliffs has turned the mountainous northern part of Costa Blanca more attractive for tourists. You’re bound to fall in love with the lush and green as you move from Calpe towards Altea. Expats are likely to make themselves comfortable within Moraira, Javea and other beach resorts that fall in between.

Apart from Benidorm and other cosmopolitan resorts, the tourists may choose to spend a few nights in the small rural villages of Costa Blanca.

You won’t come to Costa Blanca for visiting historical monuments, although the place has so many of them all over. The beauty of this place is its primary attraction – it allows you to relax on the balcony of Sol Pelicanos and enjoy the great climate all the year round. The bars, the townships with narrow old-looking streets, the pristine sandy beaches and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Ocean look amazing to your loved ones. You’re bound to feel refreshed and rejuvenated once you’re all set to enjoy the beauty of life within this wonderful place.