Top Sights in The Beautiful Island of Sicily

I went to Sicily last year having shunned the island for years in favor of a vacation in Italy and I came away from the trip with a feeling of ‘why on Earth didn’t I go sooner”! The island offers tourists beautiful Mediterranean sunshine, paradise-like views delicious local cuisine and it is drenched in rich Byzantine history and culture. If you are heading to this part of the World this year then there are some sights which you simply cannot miss, here are the top picks and if you want more then check out this awesome infographic for more.

Etna Park

Sicily’s Mount Etna volcano is one of the most active, and arguably most famous volcanoes on Earth, in the he surrounding area of the volcano is a 580 square kilometer park that you can’t miss out on when you visit Sicily. In this vast park you will find stunning views of the volcano, you may even catch it erupting, as you walk through glorious forest trails that lead you through the valleys of the park.

Theatre of Taormina

The open-air, ancient theatre of Taormina is one of the finest attractions that you can visit on the island, a one-Greek theatre that has been renovated in Roman style. Set in the city of Taormina, the theatre is just a short hill walk from the town centre and not only can you enjoy this beautiful theatre, from the top of the hill you will have some of the finest views of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea.

Valley of the Temples, Agrigento

This UNESCO World Heritage site is where you will be able to find one of the finest examples of Hellenic civilization and Greek architecture in the World. The valley features 5 temples, all have been either perfectly preserved or excellently restored and a visit here will give you a glimpse into the World of the Ancient Greeks. This is one of Sicily’s main attractions and when you visit these stunning temples, you will be able to see why.

There is so much more to Sicily than just these three sights but if you only have a short amount of time then this is where you should be heading to. Access to the island is very easy from the Italian mainland and ferries to Sicily are plentiful and the island has several ports depending on where you wish to arrive. You can book your ferry online or head to one of the many ticket offices around the coast of southern Italy to find a great deal on a ferry which will take you to this magnificent island. I do love mainland Italy but after visiting the island it is definitely Sicily that I will be heading back to next time I go.