Visiting Vienna in the winter months

The vast majority of holidaymakers prefer to travel in the warmer months. They like to feel the sun on their skin and feel that their plans are less likely to be interrupted by bad weather. This is understandable and good news for those people who are happy to travel during the winter. Visiting some of the more popular tourist destinations like Vienna during the colder months is an excellent idea. The queues are shorter, the prices lower and in all likelihood, you will end up seeing a different side of this wonderful city.

Here is a sample of some things you can enjoy in Vienna during the winter months. As you will see most of them are indoor activities, meaning that it really does not matter if it is a bit cold or wet.

Take in a little culture

The classical opera concerts in Vienna are world-renowned, so it really would be a shame not to experience one while you are staying in the city. In the winter months, the Vienna State Opera is where most people head.

Soak up the special atmosphere of the ball season

The Viennese ball season is something not to be missed. During January and February there are 20 spectacular balls held in the city. The sight of all of the attendees dressed in their finery is a special one that many visitors greatly enjoy. There are balls held around Easter and a very important one in November, but January and February are the best times to visit if you want to experience this 400-year tradition Viennese tradition.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum for art lovers

If you enjoy art you will be spoilt for choice in Vienna. The city is home to dozens of galleries covering every era, and type of, art. It also has numerous fantastic museums. In total, there are just over a hundred notable museums and galleries, so you can never really get bored in Vienna.

Enjoy a vegan ice-cream

Now we realise that not everyone likes to eat ice-cream in the colder weather. But, if you are vegan the chance to enjoy ice-cream does not come up very often. Most ice-cream parlours only offer one or two vegan flavours, if they have vegan-friendly desserts at all.

So, we absolutely have to mention the Veganista Ice Cream parlour in Neustiftgasse. They do wonderful truly vegan friendly desserts as well as a range of more traditional ice creams. The only problem is that they close for a few weeks in the winter months. Typically, they shut for most of January. However, it varies from year to year, so if you are planning to include this place on your itinerary you will need to check they are actually going to be open. You can do this by visiting their website or giving them a call.

If you cannot enjoy an ice-cream, do not worry because there is plenty of other lovely food to enjoy in Vienna. You can easily while away an afternoon enjoying a spectacular lunch followed by coffee and a cake in one of the city´s famous coffee houses.

Wrap up warm

Before we go, there is one thing we must mention. Sometimes even during the daytime the temperature does not manage to get above zero, in Vienna. So, it is best to go prepared and wrap up warm. Shopping in the famous Steffl department store is a great experience, but Vienna is an expensive city, so, you really do not want to be forced to buy a big winter coat while you are staying there.