Where is it safe to holiday to in Europe in 2022?

Most European countries are now safe to travel to in 2022, but some countries are a lot safer than others in terms of the number of current Covid cases and of course, the war in Ukraine. The tourist industry was seriously affected by the pandemic, but since the rollout of the Covid vaccinations throughout Europe, travel is becoming easier again and people are planning their summer holidays with a lot more enthusiasm than last year. Below is a list of the safest European holiday destinations for 2022.

Maderia Islands, Portugal

Maderia has been the safest holiday destination since the beginning of the pandemic. It managed to remain constantly in the green zone and has the lowest rates of active cases in the whole of Europe. Travellers are expected to take a test before arriving but once you are there, mask-wearing is no longer compulsory and there are no curfews in place. What’s more, you don’t have to present proof of your vaccination to enter bars and restaurants anymore. Portugal is also one of the first countries to offer special Covid insurance during your stay.


Malta has one of the lowest numbers of severe Covid cases in Europe, however, only vaccinated people are allowed to enter the country and there is a midnight curfew still in place. Everyone is still required to wear masks at all times other than on the beach. These Covid safety measures are due to be reassessed at the end of May.

The Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands have some of the lowest Covid infection rates in Spain, so if you fancy a holiday in the beautiful sunshine and want to be sure that the risk of contracting Covid is minimal, then the Canary Islands is the place for you. You need to be fully vaccinated to travel to Spain, but you don’t need to wear a mask or show your Covid passport to gain entry into any of the bars or restaurants. There is no curfew in place either. Don’t forget to take out insurance cover from Staysure before you go on holiday, just to be on the safe side should you encounter any problems.

Corfu, Greece

Corfu has one of the lowest current Covid infection rates in all of Greece. It has four times fewer severe cases of Covid infections than most other European holiday destinations and has been lucky enough to avoid a severe Covid outbreak. It is not necessary to take a test before travel if you’re fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers are welcome, but they do need to produce a negative Covid test before entering the island. There are no curfews in place and it is not compulsory to wear masks.

Before going on holiday to any European destination, be sure to:

* Check the entry requirements
* Get any required tests carried out in the necessary time frame
* Check if there are any curfews or restrictions in place

It is not advisable to travel to Ukraine or Moldova at the moment. If you’re planning on travelling to Poland, it’s important to be aware that the border area has been restricted due to the migration crisis. For information on where it’s safe to travel to, view the latest advice from the Foreign Office.

This year, we should all embrace the holiday season, but remember to stay safe and follow any government guidelines regarding the country you are holidaying in.