What Are Instagram Influencers?

Even those that are not tech savvy or were not born into the internet digital age may have heard the terms Instagram, Instagram influencer or influence marketing.

Instagram Explained

So what is Instagram?  It is an app used for sharing photos and videos and is said to be the most popular one out there today.  Instagram users will share their images and videos as well as “follow” other Instagram users to see what they are sharing.  Instagram posts may be private, shared with a particular group of people only, while some Instagram users have public accounts where anybody can follow them.  An Instagram Influencer is the user that is being followed.  Instagram has been around since 2010 and by 2015 it already had 400 million users and today Instagram has around 800 million users.  Many of the more popular Instagram users are able to lead their followings to marketing partnerships with brands.

Being an Instagram Influencer

So what is an Instagram influencer?  These influencers have a particular amount of influence and engagement with their followers and are considered experts in their particular fields. Brands want to make use of this.  An Instagram influencer does not necessarily have to have a large following to be a success, but should be able to connect with an adequate number of followers who enjoy the same things as them, such as travel, the online Blackjack Canada has to offer, or food.

The main role and purpose of an Instagram influencer is to assist in increasing a brands profile and engagement.  These influencers can be trainers who share their workouts with their followers.  They can be fashion bloggers sharing their different designs and styles.  Interior designers share their portfolios.  Travel photographers share their photographs of their adventures around the world and there are also chefs who publish their recipes on Instagram and share popular cooking tips and promote good brands.

Advantages of an Instagram Influencer

Instagram has become a useful tool for marketers.  One of the main reasons is that Instagram is extremely popular.  Even though Facebook is the most popular social media platform, Instagram is not far behind.  Instagram users will generally visit their app every week and some daily.  Marketers also see Instagram as a very effective way of influencing marketing.

For many having an Instagram influencer has definite benefits.  It is an effective way of getting the message out to more people and instills confidence and assurance in their brand.  Influencers are also a cost-effective way of promoting a brand.  The cost of Instagram influencers will vary and the price is usually determined by the following, how well-known is the brand and which marketing platform is being used.

People also tend to trust Instagram influencers and in a survey done it was found that the majority of people will trust the opinions and perspectives of others that are posted online.  Even if they do not know these people personally they still tend to trust their opinions.

Instagram is a safe and trustworthy application that can be used by everyone.  It promotes safety and privacy and explains how users are to deal with difficult situations which can occur when using digital technology.  Taking a brand to Instagram has increased sales and awareness of these products and by using an Instagram influencer these products have very often become household names.