7 Ways to Generate Stay-at-Home Cash From Blogging

If you want to work from the comfort of your own home, set your own schedule, and still make enough money to go out on Fridays, then blogging may just be the perfect “job” for you. Here are some quotes on passion to inspire you as well as 6 tips that will help you generate enough cash from blogging to stay at home!

Blog about something you love.

When you start a blog, you’ll want to choose something that you love and that you love to write about. You can even blog about how you make money from home. But there are more popular topics. There are two key points in deciding what to blog about: You passion and interest, and your audience and market. If you’re dispassionate and dry, your audience will ignore you. If you’re super passionate about something “no one cares about”, then you won’t be able to monetize your blog.

Sell Products

One of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize your blog is to sell products related to the content you are writing about. For example a blog about makeup could sell lipstick and foundation right from the site. If possible it would be better to get branded products that will make your blog look professional.

Add a Membership Feature

Having a subscription service is a simple way to make money with your blog. It is simple to have a membership blog, people just pay to subscribe to your blog and become a member. Membership gives all sorts of perks like discounts on products sold, closer interaction with the blogger, or even members-only emoticons on websites like twitch. Something to let the members know they are special and something that makes it worth the paid subscription.

Add multimedia to make your blog pop.

We are busier than ever, which is why “listicles” are so popular. They’re easy to skim over and can give you tons of knowledge quickly. But it’s hard to base a blog on listicles. Which is why adding visuals like pictures and videos can really enhance your audience’s experience.

Become an authority on your blog’s focus.

Other than talking about personal experience, you can review books and products related to your blog to help establish your authority on the subject. You can also invite guest bloggers and interview experts in the field to not only up your own knowledge, but to provide knowledge to your target audience and provide them with an experience unique to your blog.

Utilize affiliate programs.

There are tons of ways to use affiliate programs. The most common are Google’s Adsense and Amazon’s affiliate program. However, most websites offer affiliate programs, including clothing and subscription box services. Find services and products that are highly related to your blog that you can use affiliate marketing for. Be sure that these products and services genuinely add to your readers’ lives or else they won’t continue to take your advice.

Create your own products.

Creating your own products – even just digital ones – can really add to your blog. It helps to build a sense of community and can help bring in even more money than just blogging by itself! This can be books, how-to guides, special instructional videos, early access, one-on-one Skype time, and so much more. Get creative and look up successful blog product ideas. It will not lead you astray!

There are many tips out there for monetizing your blog. Do your fair share of research, find good ways to market, don’t be afraid to do some SEO optimization, and always engage your audience.