Glo’s Online Yoga Class is Perfect for Teachers Looking to Increase Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most forgotten aspects of physical fitness. Stretching the body allows your muscles and joints to have improved flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Yoga teachers, in particular, need to maintain their levels of flexibility to help their students improve theirs. However, it is very easy for yoga teachers to lose sight of their own practice because they become so busy with teaching.

The antidote to this problem is online yoga that you can practice anywhere, anytime. Glo’s online yoga platform was created specifically for this. Though they have thousands of classes available for download on any device through their app, they have classes that are created specifically for teachers and advanced practitioners of yoga.

What kind of online yoga classes do they have available for flexibility?

Maximum Mobility with Dice Lida-Klein

This Hatha online yoga class was designed to help oil up your joints, allowing you to move efficiently and freely throughout your life. The classes are each 15-minutes to stretch the tight muscle groups throughout your body. As you explore familiar poses, you will also be led through new movements that might seem unconventional. The program will help increase your flexibility for your active lifestyle.

Dice knows what it is like to be a performing athlete. He ran cross-country, played tennis, baseball, and hockey. However, when he encountered handstands in a yoga class, he realized that yoga was one of the best ways to improve his fitness levels. Now, he’s dedicated to helping you improve your fitness levels with Hatha yoga classes, Vinyasa Flows, and Yoga conditioning classes.

Happy Hips

The first class in Dice’s series is Happy hips, designed to help you open your hip flexors. By using new patterns of movement, you will increase your hip mobility. The windshield –wiper movements will help you lubricate your hip joints. Then you will move on to the dynamic lunge and pigeon. You will finish your final stretch in the frog pose to open up the hips.

Hamstring Helper

People with tight hips and hamstrings will benefit from this class. The Hamstring helper was designed to lengthen the front hips and hamstrings by stretching and flexing them. The forward folds and seated forward bends will help you release the tightness in your hamstrings.

Open them Ape Hangers

The third class will focus on opening up the collar bones, the lats, and the pecs by encouraging you to explore a wider range of motion. The class will help you sit tall and create more space in your chest cavity. The heart openers will help you strengthen your chest and the shoulder-focused cat/cow variations will stretch your shoulders.

Mobile Hips. Mobile Body

As you continue to stretch and open your hips, you will start to increase the intensity of the movements and postures. The seated stretches will help you open your hips through windshield wiper movements and upward stretches. You will finish the class with seated twists and malasana to reduce the pressure that sitting and slouching all day causes.

Spinal Waves

This is the perfect class for those who want to improve their backbends. When you take this class you will be creating more fluidity in the spine through the wave movements. You will warm up the spine and back with seated cow/cats to isolate the upper body. Then you will begin working your spine with rolls through the crown and pelvis, to increase mobility. You will finish the class with downward-dog-to-planks

Putting it All Together

The final class is all about increasing your overall flexibility by putting it all together. This 15-minute class will roll all of the previous classes into one to create full-body mobility. You will begin in cat/cow to strengthen the spine. As you continue, you will encourage the pliability of your muscles.