Explore the World With Fly Dubai Airlines

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Flydubai Airlines is owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates ,and therefore, it is the nationally prescribed airlines in Dubai. The head office of Flydubai airlines is in the Dubai International Airport itself. The terminal 2 which is situated in the Dubai International Airport, is the head office of Flydubai Airlines.

Flydubai Airlines flies worldwide; along with domestic flight routes, Flydubai Airlines serves the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, India, and South-East Asia. Flydubai Airlines flies to 95 destinations in these countries, which in itself shows how well the airline is connected. You can expect unparalleled services from Flydubai that will make your travelling experience wonderful.

Here are a few key highlights of this popular airline.

  • Various fare Types

There are various fare types like Lite, Value, Flex and Business. Each has different facilities with respect to baggage allowance, meals, seat selection, In-flight entertainment, Rebooking and cancelation. Visit the airline website for details. Get the lowest airfares for Flydubai booking on Cleartrip.

  • Travel Classes

There are two classes of seats in Flydubai Airlines i.e. business class and economy class. One can easily prepare a budget for themselves before planning the trip and according to that budget itself, they can opt for travel class matching their needs.

  • Entertainment- When you are travelling from Flydubai airlines, then you get access to a wide number of entertainment channels that lets you enjoy while you are in the flight. For economy class, you can purchase entertainment package and business class you get access to complete package of TV shows, movies and music which comes free of cost. 
  • Meals-  Enjoy delectable meals and snacks while you are on the flight. In Economy class, if you are travelling on Flex fare, then you can enjoy a complimentary meal. And if you are travelling on Lite Fare, then you can pre-order the meal. Travelling in Business Class gives you the leverage to enjoy scrumptious meals and beverages. 
  • Duty free shopping–  Enjoy a delightful shopping experience while you are on the flight. Purchase from toys, souvenirs, and fragrances while you are in the flight. 
  • Comfortable seating- Flydubai booking offers its travellers a comfortable journey while they are in the flight. It comes with enough leg room so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting yourself . 
  • Wi-Fi- Flydubai gives its travellers the facility of using Wi-Fi while you are there in the flight. You can buy the package and start using the internet . 

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