Why Tel Aviv Is One of the Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the World

Unless you have been living under a rock, by now you know that Israel has the most significant number of vegans, with about 5 percent of the population being vegan. Most of these vegans, however, are found in Tel Aviv, which is the main reason that Tel Aviv is one of the most vegan-friendly cities. So it is the ideal city for vegans looking for a great getaway destination or those who wish to try out different vegan meals.

Tel Aviv has an incredible selection of places to eat vegan food, which makes it super easy to be a vegan in this city. If you plan on going there and looking for the best places to fit your menu, here are some restaurants for you.

The Dosa Bar

If you are looking for the most affordable joint where you can enjoy value for your money, then the Dosa Bar is the place for you. You will love their crispy crepes made from black mung lentils and fermented rice and served with steamed vegetables. Also, if you like Indian food, then you will enjoy their meal as it has some Indian spices for taste. There is everything to love about their vegetable pancakes steamed in batter.


This is one of the most promising vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv and is worth trying. Everything they prepare is unconventional and worth every penny. For the burger lovers, the restaurant has you covered with the smoked mini burgers that are made from charred eggplant, chipotle, black lentils, cranberries, and shiitake mushrooms. The dressing is to die for, with the layered pastry that includes nuts, vegetables, and charred eggplant. Their mixed grill includes button mushrooms, shiitake, and tofu—plus fried onions and spice for flavor.

Urban Sharman

If you are looking for a classy and fashionable joint, Urban Sharman is the place to be. The restaurant has a fantastic vegan menu that includes cold-pressed juices and shakes with medicinal herbs. They also have a meal they call juice fasts, which is made of soup and salad with a sandwich if you wish. They also offer home deliveries.

You cannot possibly exhaust the number of vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv, but these are some of the places that you should try out with friends and families.  Make your stay in Tel Aviv worthwhile by enjoying healthy and tasty meals.

Where to stay in Tel Aviv?

The best part about Tel Aviv is that you do not have to stress about accommodation. The place has fantastic hotels, hostels and apartments, where you can comfortably live even with your friends and family. You will also love the likes of Link hotel, which has a meatless menu for vegans. The Link hotel is part of the Dan hotels chain, which owns 3 hotels in Tel Aviv. You will get access to all sorts of amenities to make your trip memorable. The hotels are highly rated and reviewed, and you will also love the affordability of their services.