4 Awe-Inspiring Wildlife Parks You Should Visit in Sydney

Home to picturesque scenery, glorious beaches, impressive tourist attractions, and world-class restaurants, Sydney is, without a doubt, a favorite Australian city of most travelers from everywhere. There are various thrilling activities you can try here as well with your loved ones.

Apparently, there is more to Sydney than its iconic spots and radiant shorelines. It is also an animal lover’s paradise. This vibrant city offers numerous wildlife attractions for everybody. You will absolutely be in awe once you witness the Australian wildlife.

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Listed below are a few interesting places where you can see various kinds animals in Sydney:

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Located in Doonside, Featherdale Wildlife Park is a privately owned Australian zoo. It started as a poultry farm and now it has been developed into one of the top wildlife parks in the country. Specializing in native birds and wildlife, Featherdale also centers on both environmental and animal education. All visitors will get to enjoy the free encounters with the kangaroos and koalas, too.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Do you love the underwater world? Then Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is the perfect spot for you. This attraction is undoubtedly one of the most visited in the entire country because of its wide range of aquatic life. In fact, it displays over 7,000 sea creature species and 13,000 individual fish. Your visit here will definitely be unforgettable as you try to venture the underwater world to a whole new level.

Taronga Zoo

Never pass up the opportunity to visit the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Situated on the shores of Sydney Harbour, it is the most famous zoo in the city that all animal lovers would certainly appreciate. It is also a nonprofit organization that fully supports wildlife conservation. More so, it is home to more than 350 species and 4,000 creatures. Some of these are the most remarkable animals in the world.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Known as the Sydney Wildlife World before, Wild Life Sydney Zoo is currently Australia’s top wildlife park that features feeding programs, guided tours, interactive displays, and interesting regular shows. It boasts various species that can only be found here, making it an extraordinary wildlife park. All visitors will surely have a great day and a memorable animal adventure at this zoo.

For an unusual trip in Sydney, go to these incredible wildlife parks. These places are not just meant for animal lovers alone, but for all those who want to enjoy a wildlife experience like no other. It will totally be a fun-filled day with different animals, so get ready for an amazing journey with your family or friends. After all, it’s not everyday you see these kinds of creatures, better yet check them out!