5 Tips for Renting a Car At the Very Last Minute


While travellers can usually expect to pay more for last-minute car rentals, with a little research (and often a little bit of luck thrown in for good measure) it’s definitely possible to get a great deal on car hire from a reliable car hire company. Whether you’re travelling domestically or overseas, take note of these five helpful tips for renting a car at the very last-minute and save money on car hire!

  1. Check Multiple Car Hire Companies

Comparison websites are usually a safe bet, but you can still get a good understanding of rental rates by looking at a few of the top car rental agencies, like leading Perth car rental company Ace Rent a Car, and then comparing the rental rates that they have to offer you. If you’re not using a comparison website, stick to the leading rental agencies, like the one above, at your destination.

  1. Check Multiple Pick Up Locations

As all travellers would know well, airports are not the cheapest places to hire a car, so if you can be flexible and pick up a rental car from another location, this can often help you to save on last-minute car rentals. You may find that it’s more affordable to catch a taxi or an Uber from the airport to a depot nearby in the city and hire a car from there.

  1. Check Different Car Sizes and Types

Once again, if you can be flexible you may find that you can get an excellent deal on another car type and size to what you’d ordinarily hire. This can have some unexpected advantages, for example, you may find that you can hire a more comfortable car at the same price, or perhaps at an even lower rate. The more flexible you are with car sizes and types the more options you’ll have to select from.

  1. Check Your Car Hire Insurance Options

While some car hire agencies provide excellent car hire insurance premiums, others leave a lot to be desired. What’s more, depending on your credit card and travel insurance coverage, you may already be covered for car hire insurance.

  1. Read All the Terms and Conditions

Although time may really be of the essence as you’re booking a hire car at the very last-minute, you still need to read through the terms and conditions of the car hire contract that you sign. Don’t take any chances with car hire T&Cs, it simply isn’t worth it.

As you can see, you need to be flexible to a degree to increase your chances of getting a great deal, but it’s still possible to have a set pick up location and car type in mind and get a good deal on last-minute car hire by checking multiple car hire companies as well as your car hire insurance options and looking for ways to save. Whether you’re travelling domestically or abroad, for business or for pleasure, take note of these last-minute car rental tips to get the best deal on your next rental.