Amazing Vacation Activities You Can Try in Australia

Did you know Australia is its own continent and country? It is also home to many beautiful buildings, beaches and fun things to do. Many flock here on vacation to partake in some of the sights and activities that this country has to offer.

As you read this article, you will find out many of the great activities that Australia has to offer. By the end, you will be ready to get a plane ticket and pack your bags for this awesome place!


Sydney Harbor

This waterway is well known around the world. From here, you can see boats, yachts, divers, and the Sydney Opera House, too! If you love the water, this is a great place to swim, relax on the harbor or jump on a jet ski.

Sydney Harbor is not just known for the water, as it also has national parks, historical areas, and stunning views. You can jump on a ferry to the Taronga Zoo or see the marine life at the Manly Aquarium. Sydney Harbor has an activity for everyone!

Snowy Mountains Camping

If you visit the Snowy Mountains, you can run trails that take you through lakes, peaks, and ridges as you aim for the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. The weather here can change, so having the best trail running gaiters will help keep you going so you don’t get water or debris in your shoes.

If you dare to ascend Snowy Mountains, you will pass the country’s windiest ridge, pass through Blue Lake and Snowy River, and ease around the steepest area of the hike at Heartbreak Hill. You will love the alpine side of Australia, for sure.

Visit the Rain Forest in Queensland

If you want to visit one of the most bio-diverse rain forests you can find, the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is at the top of the list. Here, you can go drift snorkeling, where you will be in fast currents while waist deep in water. You will see turtles, platypus, butterflies, fish and more here as you travel down Mossman River in Queensland.

This area is just under 10,000 km squared and offers tours through the aboriginal rain forest. Here, you will find the Bartle Frere mountain where you can hike. There are also many cycling and walking trails. The area is very eco-friendly and strives to conserve the wildlife and scenery.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is loaded with activities for your vacation! While there, you should visit the Phillip Island Nature Park where you can see koalas, penguins, and other animals. There is the Koala Conservation Centre, which lets you see koalas in their natural habitat.

Have you ever wanted to go kart? The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit has go karting as well as other racing events you can attend and participate in! While on this island, you may want to stop into the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory for a few treats for later.

Behana Gorge Waterfalls Canyoning

Located in Cairns, Australia, the Behana Gorge Waterfalls are definitely a sight to see! A tour guide will go with you as you take a tour of the gorge and some of the finest waterfalls you will ever see. You will then canyon your way down the gorge.

How do you get down? By swimming, snorkeling, abseiling and jumping off of cliffs! Bring a waterproof camera so you can take some spectacular photos! On this tour, you will get lunch and morning tea, and be given the proper safety equipment.


Skiing on Mt. Buller

Great for all ages, skiing down Mt. Buller is a great way to vacation! You have access to 9 km of trails that are easy to access. From the mountain you will all kinds of great views, including the Bluff and Mr. Stirling.

Of course there are other activities like snowboarding and riding ATVs, but there is nothing like skiing at this location! It is known for the downhill slopes that are exciting to partake in. When you are done skiing, consider tobogganing, or visiting the spa here! You can also visit Gnome Roam and climb the rock wall indoors!

Tamborine Mountain Tree Top Challenge

Located on the Gold Coast, the Tamborine Mountain Tree Top Challenge is something unlike anything else! This aerial activity takes place inside of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary at the High Ropes Adventure Park and includes 80 challenges and 11 zip lines. You can go through any or all of the 5 courses here.

You can choose your expertise level in case you are scared to try it. There are beginner routes. While zipping through the forest, keep an eye out for emus, dingoes, and kangaroos below! If you have a GoPro or some type of video camera, you will want this experience recorded, that’s for sure.

At this park, you will take about 3 or 4 hours to complete the whole adventure, which is a thrill of a lifetime!

Quad Bike Tour in Alice Springs

Located in Undoolya Station, this tour takes place on the oldest working cattle station near Alice Springs. Here, you will jump on a quad and not only see the cattle but ride over dams, through mountain ranges, and even sandy river beds.

You can choose a half or full day tour, where you will ride an automatic quad that is easy to use and fun to ride. You do not need a license to drive these, and you must be at least 12 years old to drive. You will also be given a safety briefing before the tour so you are aware of what to do while you are on your quad bike.


We can all agree that Australia is an amazing place to visit on our planet. This country has a lot to offer, with a wide range of activities that can suit everyone. From water to land, to exciting or tame, the activities here will help you bond with others and make memories that will last forever.