Finding the Gourmet in You: 7 Foods and Drinks You Need to Sample While in Tasmania

When people hear the word “Tasmania”, they typically think of the cartoon devil. Or maybe they think of the small animal the animators based the cartoon on. But when you hear about the town of Tasmania, you should think wineries and decadent foods.

Tasmania is an island state off the southern side of Australia. It boasts over 200 wineries in its just over 26,300 square miles. There are many activities to do and see, both indoor and outdoor when visiting this major destination.

Besides the wineries, Tasmania offers delicious gourmet foods. Here is a list of 7 of the foods and drinks you need to sample when visiting Tasmania, the Land Down Under.

  1. Sample Beer and Cider at Cascade Brewery

A visit to Cascade Brewery is a trip back in time. The brewery is the oldest beer making plant in Australia with a beloved and celebrated product. On the tour, you will learn about the process and craft of beer-making, you will also be able to taste cider and fresh beer in the beer garden. You must be over the age of 18 for drinking alcoholic beverages in Australia; however, everyone is invited to taste some of the delicious foods at the café. All food is locally grown on the island and prepared in a traditional and tasteful way. The food at the café also pairs well with the fresh beer.

  1. Chocolate on Mt Wellington and Cheese in Richmond

There are several tours that will drive guests up to Mt Wellington where the Federation Chocolate City Store is located. Enjoy tempting artisan chocolates and see what ingredients go into formulating your favorite taste.

Just a short distance away is Richmond and the oldest sandstone bridge which was built in 1823. While in the small town, stop at the Wicked Cheese shop for free samples of the best dairy products Tasmania has to offer.

  1. Mount Gnomo Farm, Penguin, Tasmania

Guy Robertson is the farmer at Mount Gnomo Farm, where he breeds rare pork and has free-range and ethical practices for all his pigs.

The farm has a restaurant open for special events and on the weekend where local musicians can be heard long into the night. The eatery serves a variety of pork and a range of fresh garden delights.

While visiting this sprawling farm, visitors can purchase beef, bacon, lamb, pork, and homegrown produce.

  1. Tasmanian Gourmet Seafood Cruise

Traveling down the waterways of Hobart, you are presented with spectacular scenery along the Derwent River, the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, and Bunny Island. Not only will you be cruising the streams and rivers, but you will also be catching your own seafood for your afternoon meal.

The first stop is a salmon farm where they are raised in large pens along the clear coastal waters. From there you will go to a local oyster farm and lend a helping hand to pull up nets filled with oyster.

A secluded bay area is where your fishing guides will drop anchor and jump in the blue waters to gather sea urchins and abalone. You must be licensed to catch this delicious seafood, but you will enjoy watching the experts at work.

The ship’s guides will get to work preparing what they have gathered and what you have caught into a beautiful seafood buffet. Delicious dishes include rock lobster, oysters, abalone, and sea urchins, supplemented by salads, premium wines, locally made ciders, and beers, bread of the region and organic juices.

  1. Fruit Farms

The cool, fresh air of Tasmania’s climate gives way to beautiful, tasty berries and other fruits. There are pick your own, when in season, or purchase the delicious fruits at roadside stops in the Tamar Valley and Huon.

Check the times and dates available for touring, picking, and tasting fruits at one of these favorite farms: Eureka Farm in Scamander, Hillwood Berry Farm near George Town, Sorell Fruit Farm in Hobart, or Kate’s Berry Farm outside Swansea. Choose from pears, cherries, raspberries, apples and many more delicious fruits for tasting on site or packed for traveling back to your hotel.

You can also locate fruit wines, juices, jams, sauces, and ciders at providers statewide, at gourmet food stores and at Launceston’s Harvest Market, Farm Gate Market or Hobart’s Salamanca Market.

  1. Truffles, Wasabi and Other Decadent Bites

Many of the Tasmanian producers are showcasing their agricultural skills and growing a variety of products. Wakame, a type of seaweed, buckwheat, saffron, wasabi, and walnuts are a few of the unique harvest visitors are encouraged to sample. Another garden staple is black truffles. They grow in the north of Tasmania and can be sold in the European market when the French truffles are not in season.

You will also find fudge, chocolate, honey, relishes, mustard, mushrooms, olive oil, and asparagus in many of the markets statewide.

  1. 3 Grazing Stations, 3 Cheeses, 3 Wines

One of the more relaxing tours is at the Wobbly Boot Vineyard in Tasmania. The vineyard is located about 30 minutes from the Hobart Airport.

The owners will tell you all about their unique farm and vineyard that combines wine and animals with a love of nature. There are three scenic grazing stations, the countryside, the vineyard and the river. At each of these stops, you will be able to taste one of three glasses of boutique wines and sample one of three of the local cheeses.

Near the White Kangaroo River, where you can spot platypus playing in the water from the bridge, you will have a Wicked Brie and a 2018 Riesling wine.

The next stop is overlooking farmland and the Coal River Valley. You will taste homemade focaccia topped with marinated feta and drink a 2016 Sauvignon Blanc.

The final stop is nestled among the vine of the growing grapes. You will sample smoked cheddar and dried Pinot grapes with a glass of 2016 Pinot Noir.

No matter what your food and wine preferences are before you visit Tasmania, you will no doubt add several new flavors to your personal list of favorites.