Not your usual Australia: Off-the-beaten places to explore


So, you’re someone who thrives going on the road less traveled by, huh? The good thing about Australia is that 90% of its land area is defined ‘uninhabitable,’ but of course, not really. Australia is a (huge) country full of adventure with excitement waiting around every corner. If you want to head somewhere less traveled by, our listing won’t disappoint you.

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Tasmania. About 45 percent of Tasmania’s land is protected by nature reserves, heritage sites, and national parks. It’s obvious to see why the government is passionate about preserving this amazing island just off the Southern Australian coast – its many one-of-a-kind species make it an awesome place to explore.

Gibb River Road. One of the two main roads that split the Kimberley region, traversing the Gibb River Road will allow you to see rare animals and plant life, as well as picturesque scenery in the many national parks along the route. Best explored using a four-wheel drive car.

Port Macquarie. Love koalas? Head to Port Macquarie in the Billabong Koala Park, New South Wales. After visiting the park for a photo op with some tree-snuggling koalas, head to the many beaches that line the shore, or go to the Tacking Point Lighthouse to watch some whale.

Kangaroo Island. Despite its tiny size, kangaroo Island is chock full of activities for adventure lovers. One of the most interesting is Little Sahara, an area of fine sand dunes where visitors can try sand boarding or simply enjoy the rippling sand that stretches for more than a mile.

Grampians National Park. Adventurous travels can visit the sandstone mountain ranges found in Grampians National Park, designated as an area of amazing natural beauty in 1984. The national park is full of breathtaking stone formations like the Balconies – also called the Jaws of Death, or The Pinnacle, an awesome lookout that gives stunning views over the Halls Gap area.

Coober Pedy. The peaceful town of Coober Pedy is famous because of two things: opals, and the amazing underground houses that most of its residents reside in just to escape the scorching summer heat. Since a highway was built in 1987 that passes by the town, it has become a well-known tourist area and stopover between Alice Springs and Adelaide.

Ningaloo Reef. This fantastic reef is a 160-mile long seascape just off the coast of Perth. Preserved by aggressive conservation efforts, the reef is a breeding ground for whale sharks as well as turtles. Try visiting in the spring to see whale sharks feeding, as well as all the awesome marine life that calls the reef home.

End Note

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