The Benefits of Staying in Serviced Apartments in Melbourne CBD

For those wanting to live close to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s charming CBD, fully furnished serviced apartments are a dream come true. Combining the comfort of your own home with with the perks of staying at a hotel, it’s no surprise that this accommodation type has become extremely popular with travellers.

A serviced apartment is essentially an apartment that feels and looks like a fully furnished, comfortable and intimate home. While it lacks the stiff sheets and emptiness of a hotel room, a serviced apartment still offers convenient housekeeping staff and great service.

Ideal for city workers, jetsetters, couples and more, serviced apartments in Melbourne CBD are the perfect choice for both short term and long term stays. This article details just some of the benefits they offer.



One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of staying in a serviced apartment is the convenience that comes with it. Choosing a serviced apartment means you’re choosing an area that’s furnished, spacious and comfortable. As well as feeling homely, most serviced apartments in the Melbourne CBD are practical. With a kitchen and dining space, living area and bedroom, you won’t feel like you’re living out of a shoebox. This means that serviced apartments can be easily lived in whether it’s for a short or a long term period.  


Serviced apartments in the Melbourne CBD are attracting travellers, businesspeople and anyone else that wants to be close to the chaos of the city – and it’s very obvious why. Living in Melbourne’s city centre or its surrounding suburbs means that you’re close to anything you could think of or need. Known for its sport, fashion, art and spectacular coffee, Melbourne is consistently praised as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Jam-packed with side-street cafes, cool laneways and an exciting nightlife, the city is a popular place to explore. Most serviced apartments in the Melbourne CBD are also conveniently located close to restaurants, events and public transport.

Enjoy a Variety of Services

A serviced apartment is also a great choice because of the services and opportunities it comes with. From self-service laundry to free Wi-Fi and weekly apartment services, everything you need is in the one spot, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free experience. This means that your stay, however long or short, is going to be a breezy one. With a kitchen, food preparation area, comfortable living space, and linen and towels, serviced apartments are great way of experiencing comfortable living in Melbourne’s beautiful city.

In Conclusion

Looking for a new place to stay, or need comfortable accommodation for an upcoming holiday? Whether your reason is profession or partying, serviced apartments in the CBD of Melbourne are a great way to experience both the luxury of a home and the convenience of a hotel. Look into the various options available for serviced apartments in Melbourne and enjoy the shopping, dining, nightlife and more that comes with staying in one.