The Best Walks & Hikes In The Byron Bay Area

One of the most attractive parts of NSW, Byron Bay is a firm favourite with both locals and tourists alike, and if you’re planning to spend some time in this unique region, here are some details about the best walks and hiking trails in the stunning Byron Bay area.

Cape Byron Lighthouse Walk

Aside from the panoramic views from the lighthouse, this walk offers amazing vista of the coastal rainforest that leads to the miles of pristine beaches. Make sure your camera is fully charged and you have a lot of SD space, as you will want to capture as much of this natural paradise as you can!

The Big Scrub Loop

The Big Scrub Rainforest once covered 900 square kilometres, although today, there is around 1% of that, yet this is still an enchanting place, and is a must-experience if you are anywhere near Byron Bay. If you would like to spend a week exploring the delights, you can stay at one of the best Byron Bay holiday rentals that can be booked online, and this will enable you to explore all of the walks and trails.

Shaws Bay

Nestled in Ballina, on the mouth of the Richmond River, this is an idyllic place for a romantic walk, with quiet river beaches where you can observe the abundant birdlife. The walk has a few top picnic spots, so do pack your hamper and there are some grassed areas that make for ideal family play spots. If it gets too hot, have a dip in the cool river waters. Many people like to fish on one section of the river, while renting a boat is another popular pastime, indeed, this is the most popular family area in the Byron Bay area.

Brummies Lookout

Mount Warning is a remnant of a 20-million-year-old volcano, and with lush green vegetation growing from the fertile land, this is a natural paradise that you will love. Located inside Wollumbin National Park, there are many walkways and trails to explore. You get to see and hear the diverse wildlife that the park is noted for, and there are some great views from elevated positions.

Norries Head Loop

You will fall in love with Cabarita Beach, a picturesque costal town with endless pristine beaches. This is a great place to witness the sunrise, and with a Byron Bay holiday rental, you can be there just at the right time. You can take a leisurely beach walk and take some time to whale watch, as the Humpbacks make their way to and from the cool waters of Antarctica.

Byron Bay is an ideal place for your holiday base, and with affordable holiday accommodation, you can explore the many natural treasures that this lush region of NSW has to offer the lover of nature. If you would like to view the accommodation in Byron Bay, Google is your best friend and can hook you up with a nice holiday bungalow as a comfortable base for what will be a unique holiday in Byron Bay.