Tips on How to Maximise Your Sydney Vacation


A lot of people have discovered that there is a little of the wanderlust spirit in them. Every single day, when we log onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, photos of people’s trips flood our feeds. We see mountains, cities, forests, and even zoomed in photos of fishes, no filter. And among these places, Sydney almost always comes up.

To be honest, what is not to love in Sydney, Australia, right? They offer top-notch Sydney accommodation, countless food destinations, awesome beaches, and unique world heritage sites.

However, we all know that traveling is not cheap. Even if we take all the precautions to avoid extra expenses like staying at a BnB, walking to a destination, and so on; you will still be shelling out cash. But you know what, there are many ways to enjoy Sydney without the need to break a bank. Here we have listed down tip on you can have a worry-free Sydney vacation.

Set travel priorities

One of the things people neglect to do is setting travel goals. Ask yourself why you are going there for first. Is it for shopping? Touring the city? Once you know why you are traveling to Sydney, it is easy to create a budget for it. Remember that budgeting lets you see what you can prioritise on this trip so that your travel experience is more holistic. However, if you see that you have the means, go on and splurge on something like food or clothes.

Find ways to bring down the cost

To help you with the expenses, there are travel hacks that you can do to bring down the cost of things. For instance, while some people will tell you to avoid the peak season because of prices usually double or triple, there are ways in which you can still travel in those prime days. There are group discounts being offered by travel agencies and hotels, tour packages that are cheap (one in which travel insurance is offered), and airline discounts. These hacks will significantly lessen the burden on your wallet.

Choose the right accommodation

There are a lot of accommodation available for you, apart from the usual hotels. You can choose a hostel accommodation which offers dorm or private room types, but the adventurous would always opt for dorm rooms so they can chill out with other travellers. You may opt for BnB accommodation, this is where homeowners rent out their own place for travellers to stay in. This will allow for a more immersive travel experience.

Avoid cabs if you can

A cab ride will always be expensive wherever you go. But the good news is Sydney is a very walkable city, and you can definitely appreciate the sights more if you are on foot. You can choose the bus, train, or even ferry when you commute in Sydney.

You can choose to travel solo if you want, but first time trips are best experienced with a group of friends. So keep these in mind while you’re booking that airline ticket and treat yourself to an awesome Australian trip.