Top Breath-Taking Destinations Singaporeans Need to Visit

If you haven’t decided yet where your feet will bring you on your next travels, these top destinations should help you decide where to go. These are tourist spots that are very popular for Singaporeans over the past 3 years, based on Skyscanner’s data. Plan your next trip in any of these locations and find out for yourself why Singaporeans love them so much.

New Zealand, South Island. The seasons in New Zealand are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, which makes December to February a warm summer season. To maximize the wondrous nature of NZ, you should visit in February, the hottest time of the year and a great time for lazing around by the calm Lake Wanaka. You can go for walks at Mount Cook and have brunch at one of the many succulent vineyards.


If you’re a nature lover, the sunny season means you have lesser chance of weather disrupting your plan for mountain biking, skydiving, or bungee jumping.

Bali, Indonesia. Beach lovers will enjoy the abundance of sun-tanning opportunities in the amazing coasts of Bali, but if you prefer a tranquil place to recharge yourself, a great location to be in is the laid-back Ubud.

Ubud is a good place to give yourself a break from a digital cleanse, or even better, give yourself a break from the digital world. Check into one of the many detox retreats in Ubud where you can attend yoga classes and meditation exercises to fuel your body with the purest of raw food. By the end of your trip, you’ll have more energy and vigor to face the year ahead.

Sydney, Australia. One of the best times to visit Sydney in Down Under is from late February to April since these months’ skirt Sydney’s high and low seasons, allowing travelers comfortable temperatures and avoiding big tourist crowds.

If you want to take part in special Sydney activities, Anzac Day falls on the 25th of April so there will be dawn services held around the country to pay respects to veterans. While there’s a lot of activities you can do in the city, remember to visit the outer regions to see the famous Blue Mountain and get a chance to hug some koala bears at the wildlife zoo.


Hong Kong. Any season in Hong Kong is a good place to go shopping. If you go in March, there’s a Good Friday holiday on the 25th, making a three or four-day trip in Hong Kong ideal. If you want more than just shopping in malls and eating awesome dim sum, you can quickly take a day trip to Lantau Island for some sight-seeing.

Since hotels in Hong Kong can be quite pricey, booking early can save you a lot of money. Also, remember to make use of travel credit cards that provide cash back or points for your travel bookings.

Before you go. When traveling to a new destination, you should protect yourself and those with you by applying for a travel insurance, which safeguards you from loss of personal effects, unexpected family events that may affect your scheduled flight, delayed flights, natural disasters, etc. Despite what others might claim, submitting travel insurance claims and getting approved is easy if you have all the necessary documentations, especially if you’ve acquired the insurance from a trusted name.

Also, it helps to book early if you want to save on costs. Using the services of a travel agency will allow you to gain benefit from promotions such as group deals, packages, and freebies.