Top Five Racing Games in 2017


Number 5 – Trackmania Turbo

I know gaming is fun, but this game is just for fun and is in not a game to be taken seriously. This budget friendly game is extremely addictive and very odd. Trackmania turbo focuses on…itself and being the best Trackmania it can be.

This game pits you against the track, with the tracks looping strangely and enhanced visuals. This games pocket friendly price makes it a great beginner’s game. It has a few glitches that cause frustrations, is it the best game ever? No but it is highly entertaining and it’s fast pace and bright colours make it comparable to the most popular games of all time.

Number 4 – GTA 5 PC

The long awaited PC version of GTA 5 has been received with impatience and happiness. Though the Xbox and PS4 have higher resolutions with better textures/surfaces/lighting etc the PC version has some great enhancements and extra features that outshine the console versions.

Having a 4K monitor really enhances the experience, but ensure the rest of your C is up to the challenge as well. The sheer amount of work that has gone into the detail is really visible when playing and the gamer can spend hours or days playing and still be constantly amazed. Though the actual game can be bloody and crass, it’s still a great game both visually and with its storyline.

This version has made an already great game nearly perfect.

Number 3 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The classic Mario Kart has now been combined with the newly released Nintendo switch (which lets you remove the “body” of the console to make it portable) lets the player play at home on your TV or handheld.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has 42 characters, 48 grand prix tracks and a ton of customisations for your cart. It also has special features just for the Nintendo switch. The return of the battle mode has caused much excitement, with eight dedicated battle courses and 5 modes to play through.

The overall feeling on the Mario kart 8 deluxe is super fun and it has proven so far to be a great game choice.

Number 2 – F1 2017

Not just circling a track, the F1 2017’s new feature is giving the player the option to have a more realistic formula one racing experience by letting you strategize with your team and maintain your car. This intense focus on the “background details” of racing really gives players the real feel missing from other games. It will definitely appeal to those who enjoy online betting as it mergers all different elements of the sport into one.

While working through the season, trying to win and maintain your car with limited parts you really need to focus on driving smart. Bad driving will use all your components before the Formula one calendar ends.

This game has bugs to fix still but the entirety of the game makes it an excellent racing game to play.

Number 1 – Forza Horizon 3

This game is anything but realistic, but so much fun that who would actually be upset you’re hitting trees in a rainforest instead of circling a race track.

This game has 350+ cars to choose from and treat as good or as bad as you like, with no limits as to what car is taken into what terrain. And you do not even get penalised for terrible driving, you might even get verbal rewards for epic failures.

Forza Horizon 3 combines the car racing games of your youth and the need for speed of adults, and all this while crashing through random picket fences in an Australian suburb.

It’s an absolute riot and a must play game in 2017.