3 Road Trip Survival Tips

If you’re planning a long road trip, it’s likely that you’ve thought about a few ways to keep yourself entertained in the car and have maybe even planned some fun stops on the way to your destination. In all the excitement of preparing for a trip, it is important not to forget that long road trips can be dangerous, as you run the risk of getting tired and feeling drowsy at the wheel. Many people find that road trips (especially particularly long ones) are more physically demanding than they anticipated, even with a considerable amount of preparation.

To avoid letting exhaustion get the best of you and putting yourself at risk of feeling tired at the wheel, check out these 5 tips to help you survive a long-haul road trip.

1. Get Plenty of Rest *Before* You Leave

Many people don’t worry about getting a full night of sleep the night before embarking on a road trip as they are busy with packing or finalizing plans, and believe they can sleep on the drive if someone else is making the trip with them. This is not an effective plan, since it’s best for at least 2 people to stay awake at all times on a long road trip to stay accountable for one another and to keep the other alert and focused on the road. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep the night before a long drive is a key to ensuring that you will be as alert as possible as you embark on your trip.

2. Stop Often (and Plan Stops in Advance)

Experts recommend that drivers on a long-haul road trip stop to exit their vehicle and stretch their legs every 2-3 hours. It’s a good idea to plan these stops in advance, to ensure that you don’t push yourself too hard and go too long without stopping. Planning stops ahead also allow you to schedule them for meal times so that you can make arrangements for food, as well as allows you to plan to stop at interesting sights on the way to your destination.

3. Don’t Fill Up on Junk Food

On a long road trip, it can be tempting to eat questionable meals from fast-food restaurants or convenience stores for the sake of time and simplicity. These meals, however, are often full of carbs and sugar that will leave you feeling tired and sluggish, even if you are well-rested. To avoid this the best you can, bring snacks that are rich in vitamins which will keep you sustained and alert on the road.  Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated, even if doing so results in a few more bathroom breaks.

Road trips can be one of the most fun ways to experience a vacation, and driving to a destination can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of traveling; long-haul road trips, however, can be grueling if you don’t plan accordingly. Whether you’re a college student looking to make the most of your summer vacation or work for Haines Criss Cross, you deserve a vacation that is full of fun, and road-tripping can be the best way to make that happen. Use these 3 tips to help make your long drive a little more enjoyable, and make the most of your time on the road!