3 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Love traveling but hate the toll it takes on your body? You’re not alone. Despite how enjoyable traveling can be, there is no denying that a change in environment combined with the potentially strenuous activities that many vacations involve can lead to illness, injuries, fatigue, and more negative physical consequences that can make any trip tough. If you’re planning a major vacation in the near future, here are a few simple tips for staying healthy on the go. 

1. Get A Check Up Before You Leave

To prevent any unexpected ailments or injuries from flaring up while you travel, you should consider getting a check up from your primary care doctor ahead of any major traveling. Your doctor can diagnose any underlying conditions or issues that should be addressed before leaving and could impact your traveling experience, and offer treatments such as medications or alternatives to cortisone shots. Your doctor can also offer you personalized advice on stying healthy during your travels. 

2. Get Plenty of Rest

One of the leading causes of illness while traveling is lack of sleep. From long drives or flights where sleeping might be uncomfortable to early mornings and late nights jam packed with activities, it can be difficult to sleep on vacation! While you might be tempted to ignore your exhaustion so you can stay awake and avoid missing a moment of your fun trip, consider the importance of setting boundaries for yourself that allow you to rest when you need it – for example, aiming to head to bed early each night, or allowing yourself to sleep in after particularly late nights. Additionally, don’t forget to sneak naps into your busy schedule whenever you can! 

3. Hydrate!

Dehydration can lead to illness and discomfort more often than people think. From sickness to aching muscles, you can encounter numerous physical issues as a result of not drinking enough water. Many people find it especially difficult to stay hydrated while traveling due to busy schedules and the likely overconsumption of alcohol, coffee, and other dehydrating beverages. Invest in a large, reusable water bottle and carry it with you (and keep it filled up) throughout each day of your trip to encourage yourself to stay hydrated. If you’re still finding yourself having difficulty drinking enough water, investing in other beverages such as Gatorade or Liquid IV can give you a little extra help/