4 Healthcare Careers That Are Ideal for Travelers


Career obligations are one of the main reasons why many people refrain from traveling as often as they’d like to. Of course, when you’re tied to a specific workplace the urge to travel only gets stronger with each passing year. Most people associate the medical field with stable and static jobs at local hospitals and clinics, but there are actually a number of healthcare jobs that provide the opportunity for, and even mandate traveling. Any job that’s widely available and has a low unemployment rate is an ideal choice for a traveler because you’ll always have the comfort of knowing that you can relocate without sacrificing your career. With that said, here are the top 4 healthcare careers that are perfect for people who want to experience new places:

1. Flight Paramedic

We listed this one first because of the high salary, high global demand, and the additional perk of being able to experience different areas and landscapes from the air. Although flight paramedics are needed worldwide, according to Health Care Salaries Guide, the highest paying positions in this profession exist in Canada. Flight paramedics get to fly into remote and rural areas taking in excellent aerial views while earning a high starting wage. Of course, studying to become a flight paramedic will also make you eligible to apply for conventional paramedic positions as well, so it’s a reliable career path if consistent employment and ease of relocation are high priorities.

2. Travel Nurse

As the name of this occupation implies, a travel nurse is simply a registered nurse (RN) that takes short-term positions at various healthcare facilities instead of working at a single hospital or clinic for the long-term. Furthermore, travel RNs earn much more than the average salary for a conventional nurse, with many earning $100,000+ per year. Sound good? You can enroll in an accelerated nursing program here and be well on your way to a job almost anywhere you want, as you can choose whether you want to travel to jobs within the U.S. or abroad.

3. Locum Tenens Physician

If you’re willing to complete the schooling it takes to become a physician, you could take the route of becoming a Locum Tenens provider. Locum Tenens is Latin for “to hold a place” so it essentially means you’ll be a substitute doctor. Locum Tenens assignments can have you traveling to different places dozens of times each year and you’ll earn as much as $600-$800 per day on most jobs.

4. Military Healthcare Professional

If you’re open to the idea of serving in the military, you could become a military travel nurse or doctor. As you might expect from a military job, this career comes with excellent benefits, a high salary, tons of prestige, and the opportunity to assist people in foreign countries where help is most needed.

Choosing a Path that Doesn’t Hold You Back

In closing, all of the aforementioned healthcare jobs are ideal options for anyone who wants to join the medical field without being stuck in the same town forever. After all, who wouldn’t want a career that lets you see the world while still earning a decent income?