4 New Things to Try on Vacation

Vacations are all about new experiences. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that many people will be setting off on an adventure any time soon. Given the scale of the COVID-19 lockdown, it could be months (or longer) before it’s safe to travel to certain destinations. In the meantime, it is still possible to plan your ideal trip and outline some experiences you can look forward to enjoying in the future. To that end, here are four new things that travelers should try out when they –– eventually –– go back on holiday:


It might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s always a good idea to sample local cuisine when you visit a new country or city. Of course, regional foods run the gamut of price and taste. You could enjoy a few street tacos in Mexico City just as –– if not more so –– than a fine-dining experience in a Parisian five-star restaurant. Regardless of your personal preferences, though, always give the local option a shot. Remember, you can get food you’re familiar with back home any time you want. So indulge in a new type of cuisine when you’re on vacation. Also, for individuals of drinking age, consider trying out some specialty alcoholic beverages –– like beer in Germany, for instance.

Sporting Events

The reality is that watching a sporting event on TV and seeing it live are two very different experiences. Many sporting venues across the world are steeped in history. Think Fenway Park in Boston or The Maracana in Rio De Janeiro. Taking in a new sporting event could turn you into a fan for life and give you a great opportunity to mix and mingle with locals in a unique setting.

The Language

If you’re going stir crazy in your house right now –– as many of us are –– then take the chance to learn some key phrases in a new language. Just picking up the basic tenants of a language can endear you to locals. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than conversing with a local in their native tongue. Thankfully, there are plenty of programs that will help you sharpen your pronunciation too.

Whatever the Locals Recommend

Each destination has its own special attractions and customs. As such, it’s important to enter each vacation with an open mind. For instance, if you travel to Indonesia, then it could be a lot of fun to indulge in a local plant-based product called red bentuangie kratom. Or, if you go to Australia, it would be great to take in a show at the famous Sydney Opera House. At the end of the day, be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try what locals recommend. Trust them, they know what they’re talking about!