4 Things to Know Before Chartering a Private Jet

There are some vacations where you want to budget and get the most for your dollar, and then there are vacations where you want to live in luxury for a few days. You’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z hop on luxurious private jets on Instagram and Twitter. As you dream of maybe one day experiencing such high status and luxury, you may think it’s impossible!

Many people choose to charter a private jet when going on vacations or for special occasions. From the Maldives to Bermuda to Paris, the world is your oyster! It’s safe, fun, and an absolutely great experience for even the classiest traveler. While we all see famous celebrities and socialites board these private jets, there are a few things you should know before you decide to charter your own.

Be Specific About What You Want

When in search of a private jet, make sure to have a list of what you expect and would like to have on board. There is a range of services that you can receive when it comes to chartering a private jet.

From the interior height of the aircraft to the food served on board to having flight attendants during your flight, you should confirm that everything you would like to be included is stated in your contract.

There are Luggage Limitations

We all know the strict and often unnecessary regulations when it comes to luggage on commercial airlines. You’ll end up paying an arm and a leg for checked bags. Many people are misconceived and believe that they can bring however much luggage as they wish aboard a private jet.

Unfortunately, there are still some luggage limitations. These limitations are in place due to storage space and weight capacity. However, if you’re traveling with just a couple of people, this shouldn’t prove to be a problem.

You Can Supply Your Own Alcohol

On many private jets, passengers can bring their own alcohol on board. You won’t have to worry about overpaying for a glass of wine or mixed cocktail. In fact, you won’t even have to wait anxiously for your flight attendant to walk down the aisle with their cart!

There is one regulation with this privilege, though. According to the FAA, any and all alcohol on board must be served by a crew member. So, while you can supply your own alcohol, you can’t pop open the champagne and pour it for yourself.

There Are Two Options to Book a Private Jet

If this is your first time chartering a private jet, you’re probably wondering where to even start. You have two options to choose from. You can go through an operator or a broker.

An operator is a company who actually flies the jets at your local airport. They operate their own planes and contract their own pilots, which they will use for your trip.

A broker works with operators and will find you the best route, service, and prices. Think of brokers as travel agents, but for private jets.

All in all, you’ll want to make sure to do your research and even receive recommendations on which company you use to charter a private jet. It’s surely an experience of a lifetime!