5 Things You Must Do on a Round the World Trip


You will never regret travelling the world. Not only will it lead to wonderful memories, some amazing photographs and new experiences, but it will broaden your mind to different people and cultures. If you have booked a round the world trip, here are 5 things you must do on your travels…

1. Take Part in a Festival

Many cities and countries offer annual festivals you will not want to miss. For example, you can take part in toss citrus fruit in the Battle of the Oranges in Italy, can throw coloured dye at people at Holi or you can even participate in Spain’s biggest food fight, La Tomatina. Travelling is about making memories, so visit destinations that allow you to do just that.

2. Enjoy a Cookery Course

Travelling the world will provide an opportunity to try different dishes and experience different flavours, which is why you should learn to create at least one great dish that you can take back home with you. Join a cookery course to help you master the art of Indian cuisine or Thai flavours. You and your family will be pleased you did once you are back home. From Indian to Japanese, there are so many delicious dishes you can learn to cook up in the kitchen.

3. Learn a Language

Try to learn at least one language on your travels, which you can pick up from fellow travellers, through group or private lessons or you could even teach yourself with books and tapes. Spanish is a great language to learn, because it the first or second language for many countries across the globe. You should also try to learn the basics of any language whenever you visit a new country, so you can say hello or thank you. You can trust the locals will appreciate the effort and will be more welcoming.

4. Try the Local Cuisine

The world is filled with delicious dishes you could be unfamiliar with, so trying new cuisines is a great way to put your palette to the test. So, try a country’s delicacy, pick up some street food and don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. It’s the best way to learn more about a culture and country, because a city’s history and habitat will determine the flavours and colours on the plate.

5. Find a Tranquil Spot

There will be moments on your travels when you will simply want to sit and reflect on the adventure. You should therefore try to find a tranquil spot that will allow you to just appreciate the moment and the freedom of travel. Whether it is laying in a hammock or sitting on a beach listening to the soothing sounds of the crashing waves, you will never appreciate life more than in that very moment.

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