5 Tips for Staying Comfortable from Destination to Destination

Hitting the road to see family or take a much-needed vacation from everyday life? Time spent flying across the country, riding a train, or taking a road trip is fun and exciting, but can also be uncomfortable. Traveling is synonymous with long periods of time spent sitting, often with your legs cramped into a small and confined space, unpredictable temperatures, and loud noises that can make relaxation seem impossible. From destination to destination, use these tips to make your travels more comfortable.

Sleep Tight

The night before a big trip can be filled with anticipation. For this reason, grab some sleep tea and aim to start decompressing and getting ready for bed at least 30 minutes before you aim to be asleep. Ideally, you’ll want to get a full 8 hours in, so that you can feel well-rested and ready to take on the day once you reach your destination. This is especially important if you’re going to be the one behind the wheel on a long road trip, and no amount of energy drinks can take the place a great night’s rest.

Dress with Comfort in Mind

It may be tempting to roll up to the airport or the train station decked out in designer clothing, but wearing something comfortable is the best way to go. Flat shoes and sneakers tend to be the easiest both for driving comfortably and also for getting through airport security. Wearing a comfortable t-shirt and a pair of jeans is a universally good choice, no matter what form of travel you’re taking, but remember to bring a jacket in case of unpredictable cabin temperatures. If you’re going to be on the go immediately upon arrival, bring a backup pair of clothes to change into.

Remedy Restless Legs

No matter what mode of transportation you’re taking, it’s more than likely you’ll be sitting for long periods of time in a confined space. This can cause tired and achy legs, swelling, and increase the risk of blood clots in individuals with circulatory issues and even those who are perfectly healthy. Wearing a pair of travel compression socks increases blood circulation, helping to fight against all of the discomforts and problems that limited leg movement can cause. As an added bonus, most compression socks also have moisture-wicking fabric to keep legs from feeling sweaty on stuffy flights.

Get the Proper Nutrients

Instead of reaching for in-flight alcohol or a sugary sports drink on the road, stick with water as much as you can. Plane cabins are notorious for being extremely dry, so it’s easy to become dehydrated. And of course, it’s important to eat enough food during your travels as well. In-flight food, meals on trains, and fast food are easy to grab for during your trip; but will likely leave you feeling subpar. Instead, try to plan ahead and bring healthy snacks like hard-boiled eggs, bananas, granola, nut bars, hummus, or sandwiches on whole-grain bread. This will leave you feeling full for longer, and help you feel better once you reach your destination.

Bring the Essentials

If you’re a passenger during a long trip, it can be a good idea to bring along earplugs and an eye cover—especially if you’re flying or taking a train. Flights and train rides mean you’ll be surrounded by large amounts of people, lots of chatter, loud noises, and lights. Sometimes, taking a moment to disconnect, take a cat nap and relax is the best way to stay centered. If you’ll be driving or are planning on staying awake, curate a fun playlist or plan your listening with an interesting podcast.

Don’t let a plane, train, or car ride stand in the way of you enjoying your well-deserved vacation. From destination to destination, put your comfort first. Using these tips, you can ensure you’ll reach your destination ready to have a good time.